Building closure update!

March 16, 2020

Grace Bible Church UPDATE!
Due to the State Governments rules with respect to the Corona virus; the following changes for Grace Bible Church Somerset MA are effective immediately:

The building will be closed for Approximately 3 weeks. We will update that as necessary to comply with the Law. Now, that is the bad news, however, here is the good news: Pastor McLaughlin will continue to broadcast live messages on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays during this time frame. You can view these at which is our YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel to ensure you don’t miss any teaching.

Pastor McLaughlin and his staff want to assure our congregation that we will not let this current situation detour us from our calling. It is in these times that those around you, will look to you for the source of your peace and the confidence that is within you. These are times in which we must be even more aware of opportunities to proclaim the Gospel, the Good News of the LORD Jesus Christ.

I believe the Kingdom of Darkness is hoping this will shut down Churches, stop the momentum, stop the Word of GOD from being proclaimed. But it will spark a revival, one that we are privileged to be a part of. We as the pivot will continue to press onward. The LORD has prepared us for times such as these. We as a congregation will get through this, as will our Nation. The Lord Jesus Christ will deliver us through this.

Plase visit our website which has over 4000 hours of Doctrine that can be downloaded in MP3 format. There are also Doctrines available for download in PDF format. Visit our website at

For any questions or to contact us write to