The Problem Solving Devices

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This book was written for my congregation as a guideline to problem solving from a Biblical perspective.   This is a vital subject for every believer to understand.  The late Col.  R.B.  Thieme Jr.  did a magnificent job presenting the outline for us to follow.  I wish to acknowledge and give proper credit to his work. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this book will bless you.  I truly believe that these Ten Problem Solving Devices (PSD’s) will benefit you if followed, and we will devote an entire Chapter to each one.

Here are the PSD’s that we will discuss:
1) Rebound and Recovery.
2) The filling of the Holy Spirit.
3) The Faith Rest Life.
4) Grace Orientation.
5) Doctrinal Orientation.
6) A Personal Sense of Destiny.
7) Personal Love for God the Father.
8) Impersonal, Unconditional Love for all Mankind.
9) Contentment and Perfect Happiness.
10) Occupation with Christ.

In HIS Name,

Pastor Robert R. McLaughlin