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The Royal Family honor code is a system of spiritual integrity mandated by God and revealed in the mystery doctrine of the Church-age. It relates to personal honor on the part of believers in their relationships with God, other Christians, and unbelievers. The honor code includes the filling of the Holy Spirit, doctrinal orientation, grace orientation, and a personal sense of destiny. It acts as a supplement to the believer's impersonal love for all mankind. As the Christian grows through the inculcation of doctrine along with the filling of the Spirit, he will begin to understand and develop the use of the honor code in his life. This will eventually enable him to acquire at least spiritual self-esteem and a personal sense of destiny.
The Royal Family honor code centers around two words-integrity and truth. Integrity is defined as adherence to spiritual, moral, and ethical principles related to truth and honesty. Therefore, the honor code applies to the predesigned plan of God, as well as every function of our life that relates to people, which even includes the laws of divine establishment.

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