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The Ten Problem Solving Devices.

I wrote this book as a guideline to problem solving from a Biblical viewpoint. This is a vital subject for every believer to understand.

Every problem in life has a solution stated in the Word of God. All scripture is said to be God-breathed or given by inspiration from God (2TI 3:16-17).
This tells us that through God’s word all problems that we as human’s face can be solved. Today, God reveals Himself and His policies through the pages of the Bible,
the Word of God, the mind of Christ, the voice of the Holy Spirit.

There is no such thing as a problem in life that does not have a solution in the Word of God. For the unbeliever, solutions are always related to establishment principles.

An entire Chapter is devoted to each Problem Solving Device.
Here are the PSD’s that we will discuss:
1) Rebound and Recovery.
2) The filling of the Holy Spirit.
3) The Faith Rest Life.
4) Grace Orientation.
5) Doctrinal Orientation.
6) A Personal Sense of Destiny.
7) Personal Love for God the Father.
8) Impersonal, Unconditional Love for all Mankind.
9) Contentment and Perfect Happiness.
10) Occupation with Christ.

The Problem Solving Devices (PSD’s) are for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Specifically to the Church-age believer who possesses knowledge of the mystery doctrines of the Church-age. Believers in the Church-age have their very own portfolio of invisible assets.

Four Basic Problems in the Life of the Believer.
1) The believer incorrectly emphasizes relationships with people as a priority over his relationship with God. This is a serious problem.
2) The believer incorrectly attempts to execute the pre-designed plan of God for the Church-age through human power rather than through the
divine power.
3) Due to ignorance of Bible doctrine, especially the subject of virtue love, believers create problems. They incorrectly associate love in the
Bible with their own concepts of love. Therefore, they fail to understand the Biblical mandates to personally love God and to
impersonally love all people.
4) Malfunction of PMA of Bible doctrine means ignorance of the predesigned plan of God for the believers life.

These Problem Solving Devices are the key to living a life inside that plan that God has designed just for you.

Pastor Robert R. McLaughlin

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