The Angelic Conflict

The angelic conflict is the result of prehistoric creatures being in opposition to God. It began with the independence and rebellion of the one who was the Messiah's angel, Satan, and it continues throughout human history until the end of the Millennium. The angelic conflict answers many basic questions about life, such as - "Why was man created? Why sin? Why is there chaos on earth? Why is there so much suffering? Why did our Lord Jesus Christ have to go to the cross?" Mankind was created as an inferior creation to angels to resolve the angelic conflict, as witnesses for the justice, righteousness, and love of God. The Lord Jesus Christ won the strategic victory in the angelic conflict through His work on the cross. As Church-age believers, we have the opportunity to join in the tactical victory of the angelic conflict. By advancing to spiritual maturity, we can glorify God in the angelic conflict as witnesses to His perfect character and nature, and have lasting impact as invisible heroes.

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