The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ provided unlimited atonement and redemption for fallen man, as well as a resolution to the angelic conflict. Our Lord's substitutionary spiritual death on the Cross is a constant point of focus all throughout the Scriptures. The Cross was first mentioned in Genesis 3:15, when the first promise of our Savior's sacrifice for us was given. Many Old Testament foreshadowings pointed to the Cross, including Abel's sacrifice, the Flood, Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac on Mount Moriah, the Passover Lamb, the Red Sea, the stricken rock of Horeb, the serpent Moses lifted up, the Psalms regarding the crucifixion, and the prophecies of Isaiah. Throughout the gospels Jesus Christ set His face like flint towards the Cross, where He would offer Himself once and for all, to give salvation to anyone who would believe. This series also gives us a glimpse into the thoughts of our Lord while on the cross - Our Lord who would have died on the cross for you alone, if you were the only member of the human race who needed a Savior. The Apostle Paul always focused on the Cross and the confidence that it gives us as believers. Even in eternity, Heaven’s glory is the wounds of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the eternal Lamb of God

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