This verse-by-verse study of Ecclesiastes is the biography of a believer seeking happiness apart from a relationship with God. As the king of Israel, Solomon experimented with every possible form of happiness in this life, including education, psychology, success, marriage, sex and intimate relationships, family, reputation, time orientation, giving, and fatalism. Yet all of his human efforts left Solomon with only one conclusion, "All is vanity." Solomon also struggled to deal with the injustices of life, until he began to see the hand of God in all things. After many years on a frantic search for happiness, Solomon realized that all mankind has a deep desire for that which is eternal, given by God, and only a living relationship with Him can fulfill it. In his old age, Solomon finally found meaning and purpose and true happiness, in his spiritual life with The Lord Jesus Christ. All classes are in MP3 format. (PowerPoint presentations are not available with this series.)

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