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Robert R. McLaughlin
Friday, July 14, 2017

He did not follow the Lord's directions and he misrepresented the holiness or the character and nature of God to the congregation. He did not follow the Lord's directions and he misrepresented the character and nature of God to the congregation.  

The fire put into the censer was taken from the bronze altar in front of the tabernacle.  

This perpetual fire in the bronze altar is the means of depicting the spiritual death of Jesus Christ. 

The bronze altar represents the cross which was available for everyone to see. (WHOSOEVER)

There are horns on the altar in which they would tie the offering and underneath was this fire.  

This fire was a perpetual fire, it was never permitted to go out, this was one of the jobs of the some of the Levites.  

This represented the fact that what was accomplished on the cross is always available for us to apply.  

There were Levites who had certain functions in the tabernacle, but these functions were limited depending on what their responsibilities were. One of the jobs of the Levites was to keep that fire going all of the time.  

This is where Korah had certain functions BUT he became tired of being one of these individuals, he now wanted to go inside the tabernacle and perform the functions of the high priest.  

He also wanted the authority and the leadership of Moses which was to be the head of administrations and he wanted to be the teacher of doctrine and perform the priestly functions of Aaron.

The priest would carry the incense in one hand, the fire pan in the other and go into the holy of holies and would come in front of the veil which was rent or ripped in two when our Lord was on the cross.

There was an altar of incense which was constructed of acacia wood overlaid with gold plus a golden crown around the top.  

The acacia wood spoke of the humanity of Christ. The gold spoke of the deity of Christ. Together they represented the hypostatic union.  

ROM 9:5 whose are the fathers, and from whom is the Christ according to the flesh, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen.  

1TI 4:4 For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, if it is received with gratitude;  

Col 1:16-17 For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities‑‑ all things have been created by Him and for Him.  

COL 1:17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  

Joh 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  

Once again notice the principle; you had to have the authority, you had to be ordained by God, and you had to know the precise correct procedure.  

Moses uses one of the most sacred functions of the priesthood to challenge the people's revolution under the leadership of his cousin, Korah.  

Moses, Aaron and Miriam were first cousins with Korah who led this revolution.  

Job 19:19 "All my associates abhor me, and those I have loved have turned against me.    

One of them is that blood is not thicker than water where the sins of arrogance and the sins of emotion are concerned.  

Luk 12:52 From now on five members in one family will be divided, three against two, and two against three.

 Lucifer was the Messiah's personal angel; Joseph's brothers sold Joseph into slavery; Korah, the cousin of Moses, went against Moses; Absalom was the son of David; Judas was close to the Lord Jesus Christ.  

The purpose then of Korah, the first cousin to Moses, in fermenting the revolution was to take over the priesthood contrary to what Bible doctrine existed and said at that time.  

This also meant that he would have to pervert and distort the scriptures and the teaching of Moses to do so.  

Korah was motivated by the arrogant complex of sins, which not only fragmented his own soul but resulted in the fragmentation of others.  

PRO 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.  

The priest replied, “So it is with careless words, my son. Once they are spoken, they cannot be taken back.  

If you must share what you know, use three questions as a guide before telling what you know to someone else.   Is it true?    Is it kind?     Is it necessary?

The source of verbal sins. All verbal sins originate from mental attitude sins Which are designed to destroy your life.  

Notice the Double Standard related to the Sins of the Tongue.  

The "emptiness" here is gossip, slander, maligning, judging from self‑righteous arrogance; hence, the conversation of the believer involved in legalism and immoral degeneracy.  

The tongue is used to flatter those you are trying to persuade with regard to your slander, while at the same time slandering someone else.  

Self‑righteousness sets up a double standard of self‑vindication on the one hand, while judging and maligning on the other hand.    

  1. Flattery and hypocrisy toward those that you are speaking evil to.  
  2. The gossip and maligning that you do toward the one that you are speaking evil against.  
  3. Through subjective arrogance by creating a role‑model and then destroying it through gossip, slander, maligning, and judging.  
  4. He becomes a distraction to others through the function of legalism. By the slander, maligning, and judging of another believer, the self‑righteous arrogance does not vindicate self, but condemns self, without knowing it.                  
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