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Robert R. McLaughlin
July 30, 2017

God not only dealt  with the rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram , the 250 princes, but also He dealt with 14,700 rebellious Jews that the Lord disciplined with a plague.

One of the main reasons why our Lord had to intervene with the overruling will of God by giving the 10 commandments was to get the human race back on track and not continue on the road to self-destruction.

Giving you an outline of what we mean by the Law because unlike the Roman Catholics and the Seventh Day Advents, there is far to the spiritual like then following do's and don'ts.

Most Christians are shocked when they realize that following the Ten Commandments are not, I said,  "ARE NOT A PART OF LIVING THE SPIRITUAL LIFE.

"How" God gave us commands to follow, and our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled those commands in place of us or "for us" or on "our behalf."

certificate =  ‎‎cheirographon which means a manuscript, a legal document or bond, literally it refers to the command of the Lord.

Every member of the human race owes God perfect righteousness and sinlessness.

Originally, He created the human race perfect in a perfect environment but the human race turned and followed Satan and his lies instead of TLJC and His truth.

When Adam was created in the Garden he was sinless not innocent...that's a lousy word.

When Adam fell he put the whole human race in debt to God.

Prin-It is very rare for a person to make a decision which is totally their own decision.

Adam made a decision to put the whole human race in debt.

All of us owe God sinlessness and all of us owe God a righteousness with which He can live and that's what Adam had....but lost......but our Lord got back.

It was a righteousness, sinlessness, a volitional type of the function of the soul to give people freedom to choose to live with our Lord or gamble to think that they can make it without Him.....on their own.

We owe God righteousness and sinlessness and frankly none of can pay the debt.

The more you grow, the more refined and sometimes the more subtle and the more unrecognizable your sins become.

He cancelled the IOU.

When it says that God cancelled the IOU it doesn't mean that God overlooked sin.

Prin-It was through the cross that the IOU was cancelled.

A part of His perfection is the fact that His character cannot be corrupted and that His character cannot be compromised.

Dogma means absolute truth and dogmatic truth as well as decree --- it means His ordinances, statues, rules, commandments and in this case it is a reference to the entire Mosaic Law.

The Mosaic law was the divine standard that God uses to demonstrate the sinfulness of the human race as well as his principles of establishment.

The Mosaic Law is divided into three general categories ---- Theologically they are called; Codex #1; Codex #2; Codex #3.

Codex one is the Ten commandments, or the Decalogue.
This is known as the freedom code.

There can be no freedom without morality which can be fulfilled by both believers and unbelievers.

The Ten Commandments define human freedom in terms of morality, privacy, property, and does not define how to live spiritually.

One of Satan's greatest victories has been to blind people from the doctrine of Dispensations and deceive them into thinking that if they follow the Ten Commandments they will be pleasing to God.

We are told that the believer has died to the Law, Gal 2:19.

The Law brings nothing but condemnation, Gal 3:10-14.

The law is a bondage to the believer, Gal 4:9.

The believer must keep all the law, if he would attempt to keep even part of it, Gal 5:2-4.

The persuasion to put the believer under the law is not from God, Gal 5:7-8.

The ten commandments also define human freedom in terms of the divine institutions and relationship to God, authority, and sin.

While some sins are mentioned in the ten commandments, its purpose is not to define sin.

The sins mentioned are intrusions upon privacy, property, and freedom.

Therefore, human freedom has something which is the guardian of freedom:  authority.

Codex two is the ordinances, Exo 25:1‑31:18, or the spiritual code.
This emphasizes the fact that believers are designed to function under both the laws of divine establishment as well as bible doctrine in the soul.

As the marriage counselor, in Rom 7, Codex Two points out the solution to the first marriage to the old sin nature as salvation.

The ordinances are the spiritual heritage of Israel. - They are the theological code designed to present Jesus Christ as the only Savior.

The structure of the tabernacle (Exo 25‑27),
The delineation of the holy days (Lev 23:10ff),
The way of life for Levitical priesthood (Exo 28‑29),
and the significance of the Levitical offerings (Lev 1‑3).

Codex Three is the judgments, the establishment code, or the national heritage of Israel.This includes all of the political and functional heritage of the nation Israel.

Codex 3 = an elaboration of freedom and authority, privacy, rights, property, privileges, marriage, military policy, taxation, diet, health, sanitation, quarantine, criminal law, trial, punishment, and laws of evidence, Exo 21:1‑23:9.

It's interesting that this code included the function of free enterprise and profit motivation, but rejected all forms of socialism and the welfare state.

Morality mandated by the Mosaic law was for both believers and unbelievers; it was not the means of spirituality.

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