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Robert R. McLaughlin
February 4, 2018

Point 3. We begin with what is known as Supergrace Rest or an advance of the Sabbath Rest for the people of God.

It all began with your salvation or understanding of the "rest Life" that God gives us at salvation.

The land of Canaan is a type of the supergrace life, and in the context of Heb 3:11, supergrace is manifest by faith‑rest.

For example, the maximum use of faith-rest with doctrine and the maximum application of doctrine from the heart or the right lobe of the soul.

Heb 4:1‑3 (in Heb 4:3 we have what is known an elliptical oath which  says that this rest was provided for the Jews in eternity past, yet their disobedience of unbelief will keep them out of it.

There is a temporal Sabbath i.e., mentioned in principle in Heb 3:11 which is for all believers. This is the "Sabbath experience" for the mature believer.

  1. For instance, if you had saddled a horse on Friday, you could not remove the saddle if the horse was still saddled on the Sabbath. On Saturday you couldn't saddle or unsaddle a horse.
  2. On Saturday's you couldn't cook anything.
  3. If you have mud on your robe you were not allowed to clean it off.
  4. You couldn't stop anyone from bleeding on the Sabbath, you had to wait for Sunday.

Heb.4:3 tells us that we who have believed on him, enter into his rest.

Gal.5:22 when the word of god says the fruit of the holy spirit is peace...

Heb.3:19 tells us it is unbelief which causes us not to enter into rest


Heb.4:10 it says he who has entered into his rest is someone who has ceased from his own works

For the Christian, he has entered in what the book of Hebrews teaches as a moment by moment rest, or a moment by moment sabbath


If the believer does not rest and tries to accomplish things on his own then he enters into a temporal death which is a separation from god

Why? Because they are trying to make certain things happen and work when god has given them rest
And what is the day that god has given you for rest?


Everyday that you wake up is another opportunity for you to enter into his rest


You have an altar and that altar starts right upstairs in your soul
Your soul is your altar,
Your altar goes way beyond prayer

Prayer is a part of your altar, but so is learning, serving, giving, etc.


They not only struggle with rest outwardly, (they're nervous wrecks, they're always falling apart, they can't handle pressure) but they struggle with rest inwardly...which is where real rest starts
Now what is the sabbath, or this rest that god has for us?


Mercy is given for our past mistakes and failures.

Grace gives us the power in the present and in the future.

Remember that the Bible says you shall love your neighbor as or while you love yourself.

Guilt, condemnation, fear torments a person's soul unless the individual discovers what real biblical rest is all about!

Because God promised that He will be gracious and merciful (compassionate) to you.

In fact, even divine discipline is a revelation of His grace.

So, when Moses asked to see the glory of God, that manifestation of God's glory was grace and mercy.

prin-The manifestations of the glory of God "from" God is His grace and mercy, but the manifestation of the glory of God "in us" is rest.

Rest is also a fulfillment of the promises of God.

However, if you don't live in God's promises you won't have rest.

And, as we have already seen, the writer of the book of Hebrews says; "If you want to live in fear of something live in fear that you don't live in the promises of God...Heb 4:1.

That's the only thing you should live in fear of, not in what life is bringing but live in fear that you do not live in the promises of God.

Mat 11:28 "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."

Rest here is anapauo which again causes us to cease from work in order to receive His strength.

Verse 29 "take my yoke upon you, and learn from me..."

Mat 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls."

Note that rest comes first of all from going to Him, that's His promise...and secondly, if you learn from me, you will find rest for your souls.

You see, every day the things of this world are designed to take away your freshness and are designed to make you stale and dull and passive and slothful,

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