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Oregon Conference 2005. Part 2. The Doctrine of Invisible Heroes. Friday PM, November 11, 2005.

Oregon Conference 2005. Part 2.

The Ephesus type believer who has some divine good production but has left their first love.
The Smyrna type believer who is willing to accept suffering for blessing.

The Pergamum believer warned about compromising and becoming a stumbling block to others.
The Thyatira types who tolerate false doctrine and false teaching even though they have love and faith and service and perseverance.

The Sardis types who need to wake up, and strengthen the things that remain.
The Philadelphia type believer who has stayed faithful to the word of God.
The lukewarm Laodicean believer.

The Doctrine of Invisible Heroes.
Point 1. Visible Heroes of the Theocentric Dispensations.

a. The dispensation of the Gentiles began with the creation of mankind and continued to the Exodus.

b. The second Theocentric dispensation was the dispensation of the Jews, or Israel, which runs from the Exodus to the birth of Christ, B.C. 1441 until 4 B.C.

a. Abraham was a visible hero, ROM 4:20-21.
b. Moses was a great visible hero.
c. Joshua succeeded Moses and became a great visible hero.
d. David stood before Goliath saying, “The battle is the Lord’s.”

Point 2. The Invisible Hero of the Hypostatic Union.

We live in one of the Christocentric dispensations, the great power experiment of the Church-age.
The purpose of the Church-age is to manufacture invisible heroes out of the Royal Family of God.

All of our precedence and privileges are taken from the great power experiment of the hypostatic union, not from the Mosaic Law.

As the Messiah, Son of David, and ruler of Israel, He followed the Old Testament pattern and was a very visible hero.

In His role as ruler of the Church, He is invisible. Our Lord prophesied about the great power experiment of the Church-age in the Upper Room Discourse and before He ascended, ACT 1:4-8.

On the cross, Jesus Christ remained impeccable and could stay on the cross bearing our sins because He was sustained by the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit inside the PPOG and because He had God’s perfect happiness.

As a visible hero, our Lord presented Himself to Israel as Messiah, the Son of David.
As an invisible hero, our Lord was judged for the sins of the world on the cross.

That invisibility was enhanced by the fact that darkness fell across the land from 12 noon until 3 p.m., MAT 27:45, during which period of time our Lord received the judgment for the sins of the world.

Point 3. Invisible Heroes of the Church-age.

Afflicted – pres-pass-part – thlibo = to be pressed as grapes bring forth wine, to press hard upon, to trouble, to afflict, to distress, to suffer tribulation, trouble.

Perplexed – pres-pass-part – aporeo = to be without resources at times, to be in straits, to be embarrassed, to be in doubt, not to know which way to turn, not to know how to decide or what to do.

Persecuted – pres-pass-part – dioko = to persecute, to follow after, to be given over to undeserved suffering, to pursue in a hostile manner, to harass, to be mistreated, to suffer persecution on account of something.

Struck down – pres-pass-part – kataballo = to cast down, to throw to the ground, “to be put into a lower place” – Joseph Thayer.

PHI 2:14 Keep on doing all things without complaining, grumbling or arguing;
PHI 2:15 In order that you yourselves may become blameless and not diluted by evil, students of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you appear as light giving bodies in the world,

Life – noun zoe = the state of one who is possessed of vitality, used of the absolute fullness of life which belongs to God.

Invisible God plus invisible assets plus invisible power equals the invisible hero.

No one can become an invisible hero apart from perception, metabolization and application of Bible doctrine which emphasizes consistent exposure to and cognition of the mystery doctrine of the Church-age, through which the believer attains spiritual maturity and provides invisible impact.

The great power experiment of the Church-age is designed to manufacture invisible heroes through perception, metabolization, and application of Bible doctrine.

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