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Oregon Conference 2005. Part 5. The Doctrine of Invisible Heroes. Saturday PM, November 11, 2005.

Oregon Conference 2005. Part 5.

“I have known your works or accomplishments, namely that you have a reputation that you are alive [allegedly living in the PPOG].”

“Wake up” = to be alert, to know what is going on, to be able to read the historical trends in the time in which you live.

To be able to read the society in which you find yourself a part of.

To be able to understand the issues related to wherever you happen to be as an individual at this time in your life.

Aor-act-imp – sterizo = to establish, to support, to confirm, to strengthen = “strengthen”
“Be constantly alert, and strengthen, stabilize, support,”

Aor-act-inf – apothenesko – to die – “who are about to die” = a reference to cosmic death; from cosmic death comes the sin unto death.

Akouo = positive volition toward doctrine, which includes both the recognition of the authority of one’s right pastor and concentration as a result on the message.

The proper use of authority keeps you from making an issue out of people.

Recognizing the authority of the pastor does not mean liking the pastor, or loving the pastor, or having any attitude about the pastor; it means recognition, acceptance, of the content of his message – Bible doctrine.

In a true situation in learning doctrine, doctrine is the issue – not the one who communicates it, it is not the man, it is the message.

Pres-act-imp – tereo = guard it, the doctrine – not the people, the doctrine.
To guard it, to keep it in the sense of not losing it, to keep in the sense of protecting it.

To keep doctrine, or to guard doctrine; as per this mandate one must reside and function in the PPOG.

Aor-act-imp – metanoeo = to rebound, to change the mind; it has to do with the rebound technique.

He is a double sinner, because first of all he is a liar, and then he is arrogant.

There is no such thing as an individual who has not converted normal self-consciousness of the soul into some form of arrogance or fat-headedness at some time.

The nominative subject to complete the analogy – Kleptes – “kleptomania” = a thief, like a thief.

Coming like a thief does not imply coming secretly as in modern times; it implies rather suddenness, surprise.

Part of divine discipline is that you are surprised by it and the suddenness of it.

It always seems to surprise the believer and the believer often rationalizes divine discipline into testing when it is not testing at all.

The uniform of honor, which is worn by the mature believer today, and the uniform of glory, which is a translucent light worn over the resurrection body of those believers who receive the highest of all decorations at the judgment seat of Christ, the order of the morning star.

Believers living in the PPOG are winners; believers living in the cosmic system are losers.

Oligos – few = these believers in Sardis who advanced to maturity had to do so on their own motivation and volition, without help or encouragement from other believers in Sardis.

1. Just as the impact of the mature believer in time is invisible, so is his uniform.

2. The uniform of honor is the life of the mature believer living in the PPOG, attaining spiritual maturity, glorifying Christ, having maximum impact on history as he forms part of the pivot.

3. Such a believer is not found in the textbook or pages of our histories, yet his influence is nevertheless real, but invisible.

4. During the Church-age, the historical impact of the mature believer is invisible, yet very real under the principle of blessing by association.

5. At the judgment seat of Christ, the invisible historical impact of the mature believer wearing the uniform of honor will become known to a select group, the elect angels and the Royal Family of God.

6. The mature believer will receive certain decorations – the crown of life; the crown of life is for life in the PPOG.

7. At the Second Advent of Christ, the entire population of the world will know and recognize the mature believers.

8. The uniform of honor, which is invisible in the Church-age and worn in the soul. It will be exchanged for the uniform of glory, which will be visible in the Millennium.

9. Those mature believers who receive the order of the morning star will rule with Christ over Gentile nations in the Millennium.

10. When the invisible Christ, now seated at the right hand of the Father becomes visible at the Second Advent, the invisible mature believers of the Church-age will become visible with him.

Communion Service
November 13, 2005

Our Lord is both the perfect visible Hero and the perfect invisible Hero.

As our invisible hero, our Lord Jesus Christ was judged for the sins of the world.

He was able to stay in the place where God had ordained for Him to go through undeserved suffering.

PHI 3:10 that I may come to know Him, and the power of [behind] His resurrection and the participation of His sufferings, being conformed to His death;

2CO 4:10 always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.

When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we have the visible part and the invisible part.

In the invisible realm, believers are concentrating on the pertinent doctrines including redemption, justification, expiation, propitiation, and reconciliation.

In the invisible realm, the visible bread becomes the remembrance of the Person of the Impeccable Hero.

In the invisible realm, the one bread becomes the one Body, the Body of Christ.

For God so loved the world that He gave

Do you live in the principle of invisible doctrine whereby we no longer recognize any believer according to the flesh?

After that, he only wanted people to know how much Jesus suffered for them.

Life is simple at the cross. One suffered so many could live.

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