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2007 Thanksgiving Special.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christopher Columbus apparently was a Spirit-filled Christian.

Columbus’ own name, Christopherns – topher = to carry = “Christ-bearer”

“Enterprise to the Indies” = his historic voyage was financed by wealthy and influential Jews, many of them converts, rather than the charitable king and queen of Spain.

Columbus was more driven by prophecy than he was by astronomy.

Doctrine Of Thanksgiving.
A. Definition. Thanksgiving = an act of giving thanks, grateful acknowledgement of the benefits of the grace of God; an expression of gratitude toward God based on your doctrinal capacity to appreciate who and what He is.

Thanksgiving is the mental attitude forged from cognition and inculcation and cognition of Bible doctrine plus subsequent capacity for life from metabolized doctrine in the right lobe.

Thanksgiving is the mental attitude that comes from the function of spiritual skills. Thanksgiving is the expression from capacity for appreciation of God and the mental attitude of gratitude toward God.

Thanksgiving reaches its peak in personal love for God the Father and occupation with the person of Christ.

Thanksgiving is an index of the spiritual-status of the believer.

The increased usage of the problem-solving devices of the PPOG results in increased capacity for thanksgiving toward God.

Thanksgiving accompanies rebound (1JO 1:9) as an expression of gratitude for the forgiveness of sins, restoration to fellowship, and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Thanksgiving is related to all of the problem solving devices. Thanksgiving is related to the filling of the Holy Spirit as a means of expressing our appreciation to God.

The faith-rest drill results in capacity and expression of thanksgiving.
Grace orientation is a continuation of the thanksgiving principle.
Doctrinal orientation provides greater capacity for thanksgiving.
Personal love for God the Father adds motivational virtue to our thanksgiving.

Impersonal love for all mankind relates interpersonal relationships to mental attitude thanksgiving toward God.
Sharing the happiness of God brings us tremendous contentment in life, and therefore,
thanksgiving and tranquility in every circumstance in life.

A personal sense of destiny is a source of thanksgiving; for the believer is oriented to the objectives, purpose, and understanding of God’s will,
plan, and purpose.

The ultimate in mental attitude thanksgiving and the overt expression of gratitude toward God comes from occupation with Christ.

Without occupation with Christ, capacity for life, or Bible doctrine in the soul, thanksgiving has no

Thanksgiving is a spiritual orientation to life through residence, function, and momentum inside the operational type divine power system.

Metabolized doctrine in the right lobe of the soul produces thanksgiving toward God.

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