RMBM & GBC He’s Coming Back
2016 Conference
Robert R. McLaughlin
Thursday, August 4, 2016

1. We are to "come" or "gather" together as HEB 10:25 says that we are NOT to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.   2. We come together "as" a church not "in" the church.

Your body is the sacred building or the temple of the Lord; 1CO 3:16.

You cannot have divisions or factions without arrogance or NVTD.

One thing that should characterize the Lord's table is unity among believers.

1. First of all the antinomian. 2. The legalistic.

The antinomian is one who holds the opinion that under the dispensation of grace morality is no longer needed.

The one who is legalistic is the one who refuses to share and give to the ones in need.

The bread represents the human body of TLJC which was given for us.
Eucharisteo is where we get the phrase the eucharist, giving thanks for grace.

"He broke it" refers to JOH 10:18,  No one has taken My life away from Me, I lay it down on My own initiative.

He took the bread and He broke it!

"This is My body", He used the pres-act-ind of the verb eimi which is the verb of absolute status quo, and therefore it should be translated.....this keeps on being or representing My body.

He is going to die physically within the next 24 hours, but He says here...."This keeps on being My body"....what's He telling them?   He's telling them that He's going to die physically but He will rise from the dead..... "this will keep on being His body."

"keep on doing this" is a pres-act-imp of the verb poieo which means to do, perform, to execute.

Linear aktionsart = it speaks of certain points of time when the Lord's supper is to be celebrated....as well as reminding us that it is to be habitual.

The active voice, you do this....you must choose to partake of both communion elements.

The imperative mood, you're ordered to do it.

Prin  - It is a sin not to celebrate the Lord's supper.

The purpose of the bread is to bring to your memory the uniqueness of the person of Christ.------never become familiar with that, PRO 20:25, It is a snare for a person to devour that which is holy.

God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are not like Him because God is not man.

Man is not like him because He is God......He is the unique one of the universe.

The celebration of the Lord's supper is designed not for you to think about how awful and terrible you are as a believer....but it is designed for you to focus your attention on the unique one of the universe, TLJC.

The bread refers to the person of Christ. The cup refers to the work of Christ.

The person of Christ had to remain impeccable first, in order for the work of Christ to propitiate or satisfy God the Father.

MAT 20:22  "Are you able to drink from the cup that I am about to drink"?
MAT 26:39  My Father if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me;

Even the unbelievers will not be judged for their sins, because under the doctrine of the unlimited atonement TLJC paid for them as well, and that's REV 20:12-13.

1PE 2:24  And He himself  bore our sins "in" His body on the cross,   TLJC refused it because the only thing that He was drinking that day was the sins of the world.

This is the gospel or the good news, sins have been judged once, they will never be judged again.

The word covenant is diatheke which is used to denote the close relationship which God enters into with man.

This is called the "new" covenant or the kainos covenant meaning a brand new covenant that never existed before.

The 10 unique factors of the Church-age and the close relationship that God has entered into with you because of the death of His son, TLJC.

Eating and drinking are used to illustrate the non-meritorious system of perception, faith!

Prin - The communion table is designed so that our thinking will orient to grace.

The communion table is a time to remind ourselves that Christ did all the work and we did not earn or deserve a thing.
The Doctrine of the Big Genuflex.

The Big Genuflex is the interim event between the Rapture and the Judgment Seat of Christ.
It is both the glorification of the Father's plan and the recognition of our Lord's battlefield royalty which was bestowed at His session.

What is confessed is the fact that our Lord's royalty demanded the resurrection of His royal family.

We must have a resurrection body as He does because we are His family.

In resurrection body the entire royal family will identify the Head of the family, Jesus Christ, to the glory of the Father.

ROM 14:11  For it is written, "As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall give praise to God."

The Big Genuflex is the moment of maximum +H which is perpetuated forever.

We make that happiness meaningful by receiving our eternal rewards and decorations.

You won't lose this fantastic happiness at the Judgment Seat of Christ even if you receive no reward, due to your failure in life.

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