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This evening we are going to see some principles on the importance of the fact that: /To know God --and to come unto the knowledge of the Truth is key to living out our personal sense of destiny.\


In /JOH 18:38  Pilate asked, what is Truth?\


This question was a reaction to the Lord's statement in John 18 -- "Everyone that is of the Truth hears My voice'


Before we begin tonight’s study - let's review some principles of what "Truth" is!

We have 7 of them for you:


/1. In the O.T. the basic Hebrew word for Truth is emeth.

Emeth means stability, certainty and trustworthiness.

It means that which produces faithfulness, stability and security.\


If I lack faithfulness, stability and security it is usually because I lack Truth!


Many ask how do I know if I'm learning Truth or receiving Truth?


Well, /Truth will cause you to be stable, certain and sure.\


In the bible, the book of Genesis says that emeth means firmness, security and integrity of mind.


Now in the Greek we have: /The most popular Greek word for Truth is aletheia = integrity of character.


Thayer says it is that which frees the mind from pretending, deceitfulness and hypocrisy.\


Our 2nd principle of truth is: /2. Truth is said to have a price upon it.\


No, it does not cost money, but it does cost something far greater, and that humility!


/Pro 23:23 "Buy the Truth and sell it not also buy wisdom, instruction and understanding". \



The price one must pay for Truth is humility!

--And, humility means commitment and commitment means consistency!


/PSA 119:72 "The doctrines from your mouth are better to me than thousands of gold and silver" \


Thirdly /3. The Lord is called a God of Truth in DEU 32:4, "He is the rock, His work is perfect for all His ways are just, a God of Truth and without iniquity, just and righteous is He."\


Unless we know Truth, we do not know God!


Unless we love Truth, we do not love God!


Fourth: /4. All motivation in the Christian life must come from Truth, not from guilt, condemnation or manipulation, but from Truth.\


/JOS 24:14 "Now therefore be occupied with the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and in Truth". \


Much of Christian sincerity is minus Truth!


/1SA 12:24 Samuel said "Just respect the Lord and serve Him in Truth with all your heart"\


/1KI 2:4 The Lord told David He would bless all his children, "if your children take heed to their way to walk before Me in Truth with all their heart and with all their soul"\


David said in /PSA 43:3 "O send out Thy light and Thy Truth; let them lead me, let them bring me unto Thy holy hill and to Thy tabernacles."\


It is Truth that gives us light and leads us to worship God properly!


It is Truth that this verse, PSA 43:3 says brings us to the holy presence of God!!


Next in number 5, PSA 25:5 tells us:

/5) Truth is something we must be taught! It doesn't come naturally. PSA 25:5 "Lead me in Thy Truth and teach me: for You are the God of my deliverance."\


Our Lord says in: /JOH 8:31 "If you continue in My Word then are you My disciples indeed."


JOH 8:32 "And you shall know the (what?) Truth and the (what?) Truth shall make you free."\


Truth must be taught!


This is why parents are told in /ISA 38:19 to make Truth known to their children.\


/In Mat 22:16 our Lord taught the way of God in Truth.\


Truth is something that must be taught.



This is why the apostle Paul tells us that God's will for all mankind is to "be saved and then to come to the knowledge of the Truth."


Number 6 is very important especially in this day and age where all we have to do is turn on the television or go on the internet and deception is all around us, so thank God that:

/6. Truth is what protects the believer from deception.\


He TRULY has provided for us all that we would ever need and that includes protection, His divine protection is revealed by His truth.


It's not Jesus alone, it’s not God the Father, it’s not the Holy Spirit, but it is Truth, which is the mind of Christ, that the God the Holy Spirit uses to guide and direct us!


/PSA 40:10 "I have not hid Thy righteousness within my heart." God's righteousness is revealed by His Truth! "I have declared Thy faithfulness and Thy deliverance." \


God's faithfulness, salvation and deliverance is declared by His Truth.


"I have not concealed Thy lovingkindness and Thy Truth from the great congregation."


/PSA 40:11 You, Lord, will not withhold Your compassion from me; (graces) Your mercy and Your truth will continually watch over me.\


/PSA 61:7 mercy and Truth shall preserve us\

All the days of our lives…


/PSA 91:4 "He shall cover thee with His feathers and under His wings shall thou trust. His Truth shall be thy shield and buckler" \


The word here for shield is: /Shield - tsinnah = a large shield to guard against thorns or things which would pierce and wound us. Like the little foxes that spoil the wine.\


Not only is the Truth a shield but His Truth shall also be a buckler.

We are wrapped with the belt of truth.


And then finally number seven:

/7. Truth is always accompanied by God's grace and mercy.

PSA 85:10-11, God's righteousness loves to see His Truth in action.\


/JOH 1:14 "And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and Truth"\



The average Christian does not have the capacity to receive truth!



Because the average Christian does not continue in God's Word!


So without making any excuses let us continue to grow in God’s word and may we be above average – as soldiers for Christ - and learn more principles about His truth.


Joh 19:29-30.


More and more I’m realizing how amazing and impactful and jam packed my dad’s messages are. So much awesome stuff, just in some of his prayers alone… it is chilling to say the least!


I love how the apostle Paul tells us how God's will for all mankind is to "be saved and then to come to the knowledge of the Truth." Yes, His will is for us to become His saved children, but there is also more … and that is to come to the knowledge of truth, -- to come to know and understand truth.


You can turn in your bibles to the word of TRUTH to John chapter 19 and we will begin again in verse 30, and if you were with us on Wednesday evening or have had a chance to listen to that message – we actually noted 12 of our 29 prophecies study, that were totally fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ, prophesied in the old testament and fulfilled in the gospels by the human life of our Lord Jesus Christ. And you will see why those are so important for us to understand.



I’m going to review these first 12 for tonight quickly.


We are now noting the prophecies concerning what our Lord meant when He said in JOH 19:30.............. When Jesus therefore had received the sour wine, He said, "It is finished!" And He bowed His head, and gave up His spirit.


“It” does not just refer to salvation “it” also refers to the fact that He was fulfilling and had fulfilled all the prophecies of God in the old testament.


So when He said “it is finished” that has to do with salvation of course, -which says finished in the past because it’s a perfect passive indicative - and it means finished in the past with the result that it goes on being finished forever.


And that is when He bowed His head - and this will probably be Sunday mornings message, and what it means when He said He gave up His Spirit.


The perfect tense means that - He finished it in the past, - with the result that – it goes on being finished forever,

- the passive voice means - we receive the action of the work being finished - because He already did all the work for us

- and the indicative mood says - this is a dogmatic statement of fact.


So, again The perfect, passive, indicative of “teleo” means that He revealed the fact that the work of salvation was totally complete or finished.


On Wednesday evening we noted 12 prophecies or predictions from our Lord - and I am going to give them to you right now:


  1. The first prophecy, the oldest of all, had been given by God at the time of Adam and Eve's sin.


This was the first Prophecy in GEN 3:15 where He prophesied, - the Lord prophesied here, - that He would come on the earth through a women.


And He said in GEN 3:15 1. The first prophecy, GEN 3:15 And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed ; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

Because the heel was the only part that satan could actually reach, the heel represents that part of our Lord which touched planet earth but he still would not win.


Then there was the 2nd prophecy we noted:

  1. The betrayal of Jesus by Judas was foretold by David. Prophesied: PSA 41:9 Even my close friend, in whom I trusted, Who ate my bread, Has lifted up his heel against me.


Totally fulfilled: Fulfilled: MAR 14:10-11.


You’ll see how important it is for us to recognize these prophecies being fulfilled - and where they lead us to - as we had a little glimpse on Wednesday.


Thirdly, we also saw another prophecy where 3. Jesus Christ would be forsaken by His disciples, as prophesied by Zechariah 13:7.


Fulfilled: MAR 14:50 And they all left Him and fled.


Again, we are not going to all of these passages because we have already gone into great detail --and we also just noted them the last message and those notes are available to you at , -- which btw, you really want to make sure you have these principles down right, -- or else you will miss out – deeply - on the conclusion of all these studies.


Then we have the 4th

  1. The price of His betrayal was also foretold by Zechariah. Prophesied: ZEC 11:12.


They didn’t just prophecy His betrayal but Zachariah prophesied His betrayal price and he said that He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver..


What a staggering prophecy that is, the exact amount of our Lord’s betrayal price, and yet totally fulfilled in MAT 26:15 by 30 pieces of silver.


Fulfilled in total accuracy: MAT 26:15.


Then 5. Zechariah also foretold what would be done with the betrayal money. Prophesied: ZEC 11:13.


Wow - are you seeing how deep these prophecies go? This is like a treasure map of our Lord’s life.


We know that the Messiah would be betrayed, we know that the Messiah would be betrayed for a price of 30 silver coins, and now we are also told what the payment would be used for… astonishing.


He was going to buy a potters field a place where he was actually going to commit suicide, a place where he actually hung himself there on a tree, Judas did that and we even noted how his guts hung from the tree and landed on the ground of the potters field.


Prophesied by ZEC 11:13; Fulfilled: MAT 27:3-7.

Which we also read on Weds eve.


Then number 6 is Isaiah’s prophesy 6. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus Christ would be sacrificed as the Passover Lamb of God.   Prophesied: ISA 53:7 "He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter." (ISA 53:7).


And yet totally Fulfilled: 1Co 5:7, "For Christ our Passover was sacrificed for us;"


Number 7, we have another from Isaiah: 7. Isaiah also prophesied the scourging and mocking that He would suffer. He prophesied that in ISA 50:6


I’m putting this verse on the board because it’s always humbling to me - just to look at this:

Prophesied: ISA 50:6 I gave My back to those who strike {Me,} And My cheeks to those who pluck out the beard; I did not cover My face from humiliation and spitting.


Fulfilled: MAT 27:26-30.



  1. David would also prophesy His physical abuse, PSA 22:17 I can count all my bones. They look, they stare at me;

They stare at Him while He counts His bones that He can see on the inside of His body.


Fulfilled: MAT 27:26 Then he released Barabbas for them; but after having Jesus scourged, he delivered Him to be crucified.

When they delivered Him to be crucified - His back was whipped so many times - that they could actually see - the bones inside of His physical body.


  1. David prophesied the shame and dishonor that Jesus would suffer, being condemned as a criminal.


Prophesied: PSA 69:9; Fulfilled: MAT 26:55-66.

Where He would actually identify Himself with the thieves on the cross.


And then #10 - and remember - I am briefly repeating these for us - because we have already gone into detail:

  1. There would also be cruel and lying witnesses against Him.

Prophesied: PSA 35:11 "Cruel witnesses rose up; they asked me of things that I knew nothing about."

Fulfilled: MAR 14:55-57.


  1. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would not make an effort to defend Himself at His trial.


He prophesied that: Prophesied: ISA 53:7 "He was oppressed, and He was afflicted; yet He opened not His mouth. He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter; and as a sheep before its shearers is dumb, so He opened not His mouth."


Fulfilled: MAT 27:13-ff.


And then number 12 we also have Isaiah foretelling

  1. Isaiah also foretold Jesus Christ's crucifixion as the sin offering for the world. Prophesied: Isa 53 Not just for the Jews but for the world.


Fulfilled: JOH 19:16-19.


And then number 13 and this is where we left off

  1. Isaiah also had prophesied that He was numbered among the transgressors or lawbreakers: Prophesied: Isa 53:12 "He was counted among the transgressors."


Fulfilled: LUK 23:32ff   And two others also, who were criminals, were being led away to be put to death with Him.


We are not going to get into this one because DJK did a fantastic job with this one last week for us and it’s still fresh in our minds.


So - we are now ready for number 14 which leads us to the 20th chapter of the gospel of John, you may certainly turn there, however - I will have it on the board for you as well.


  1. David prophesied that His hands and His feet would be pierced. Prophesied: PSA 22:16 "Dogs have surrounded Me; a band of evildoers have encircled me; they have pierced My hands and My feet."

What a prophecy right there! Just that one prophecy should give us credibility with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Fulfilled: MAR 15:25; JOH 20:25-27.


Here is where we are going to look at JOH 20 beginning with verse 25:

JOH 20:25 The other disciples therefore were saying to him, "We have seen the Lord!" But he said to them, "Unless I shall see in His hands the imprint of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe."



JOH 20:26   And after eight days again His disciples were inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus *came, the doors having been shut, and stood in their midst and said, "Peace {be} with you."


JOH 20:27 Then He *said to Thomas, "Reach here your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand, and put it into My side; and be not unbelieving, but believing."


Again He was prophesied, - His hands and His feet were actually scourged - and He actually was being betrayed by Thomas - when - Thomas would not simply believe - but then we see later that Thomas does believe.


Then there’s our 15th prophecy 15. The parting of His garments was also prophesied by David.

Prophesied: PSA 22:18  "They divide My garments among them and cast lots upon My vesture."

Did they do that? Absolutely they did.

If you’re in the book of John you can go to John 19:24


Fulfilled: JOH 19:24  They said therefore to one another, "Let us not tear it, but cast lots for it, {to decide} whose it shall be"; that the Scripture might be fulfilled, "They divided My outer garments among them, and for My clothing they cast lots."

They literally left our Lord with absolutely nothing,  -He became poor so that we may be rich…


Then we have the very recent popular prophecy and we went into great detail with this one and we all learned or were reminded of some really awesome principles about our Lord’s thirst with our 16th prophecy where:


  1. David prophesied that they would give Him vinegar to drink. Prophesied: PSA 69:21 "They also gave Me gall for My food; and in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink." They never did that to David,  -this was David prophesying about our Lord.


Did it happen?

Yes, it sure did and we saw how it happened two times, Once to fulfill prophecy and a second time to show us that He quenched our eternal thirst forever through His finished work on the cross.


It was actually Fulfilled: Mat 27:34 "They gave Him vinegar mingled with gall to drink; but after tasting it, He would not drink."


One time He did drink the wine or vinegar to show us that He quenched our eternal thirst and another time, - this was the first time, -He would not drink it because He didn’t want anything to diminish His completely finished work.


This leads us to our 17th prophecy: 17. David also prophesied that many would be watching Jesus during the crucifixion. Prophesied: PSA 22:17, "The majority look and gloat over Me."


Where was this fulfilled? Fulfilled in MAT 27:36 - notice I’m giving you chapter and verse to back this up -  because someday we’re going to need it
-and we’re going to want it

-and we’re going to want the scriptures available to us

-as we prove our point of view to people that we love, - that’s why we should be trained

- and as 1st Peter said “always be ready to give an answer for the reason of the hope that lies within you” and I.


That means: - Don’t say Jesus is Lord when you can’t prove that He is,


That means - Don’t say that Jesus is the Messiah and Jesus is the One that the bible talks about would come - if you can’t prove in the word of God  - that He did.


If you’re going to claim to be a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ - and not take the name of the Lord thy God in vane -

And I had to figure this one out - because I have a hard time understanding  - what exactly is meant by that phrase, -


And I have to correct myself  - Taking the Lords name in vane - is not when you hit your thumb with a hammer and nail and say Jesus Christ…  - that’s not taking the Lord’s name in vane…


Taking the Lord’s name in vane - is when you say that you are a Christian - and you are a follower of Christ  - and yet - you can’t even prove to others - what it is that you believe - and what you follow… that’s taking the Lord’s name in vane.


And that is the job of your pastor teacher  – the pastor teacher is to communicate to us,  - and ours is doing that right now through my voice,  - his job is to train us to be witness and ambassadors for Christ.


And many times its technical like it has been for us who study under my dad  - but that is because it is an important procedure,  - probably the most important process after salvation.


And our pastor teacher doesn’t tickle our ears  - or give us what we want to hear to make us feel good at times,

- he communicates the dogmatic truth  - because the bible never teaches that you should go to a bible college to become a pastor

- the bible teaches that you can become a pastor,  -a teacher, - a student of the word of God from your assembling together

-because He gave the pastor teacher to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, -

- not the professors in a college and maybe there are some good bible colleges out there - that you have to pay for - -but according to our experience – the majority turn out to be another institution - that tries to draw people to themselves - and not really train people in the proper realm.


So. Are you a saint?

Are you equipped?

Are you part of a  ministry?

I hope you are, -- I hope you’re a part of this ministry

-and I hope that you feel - and know you are a part of this ministry -

- because we have some work to do!


And btw, if you are not equip - than all you have to do is relax - and take in the word of God from your pastor teacher - and study to show thyself approved unto God –

-and He will do all the work through you and I…


Back to our number 17. David also prophesied that many would be watching Jesus during the crucifixion. Prophesied: PSA 22:17, "The majority look and gloat over Me."


This was: Fulfilled: MAT 27:36 and sitting down, they {began} to keep watch over Him there.


Also Luke put it like this LUK 23:48  And all the multitudes who came together for this spectacle, when they observed what had happened, {began} to return, beating their breasts.

The beating of their breast was a sign of mockery in the ancient world  - and that’s exactly what they did.


There’s the 18th prophecy where 18. The Bible says that among those watching would be our Lord's family and friends, who would stand at a distance.


And that was actually prophesied by David who wrote many of these prophecies and do you know why?


Because: David in Acts chapter 13, verse 20 was said to have a heart after God, - even though he failed,  -even though he committed adultery, - even though he committed murder,  - even though he was responsible for over 70 thousand people dying in one battle, - he was still a man that God said  - David has a heart after Me.


Prophesied: PSA 38:11  My loved ones and my friends stand distant from my plague; And my family members stand afar off.


Have you ever had someone stand distant from you when your going through something negative?

Some illness or some plague, or maybe even some false accusations?

- if you haven’t - than you haven’t ever felt what its like to be burnt by people - and when you follow the Lord Jesus Christ - your going to have to learn how to identify with Him - and if they rejected Him - they are going to reject you.


This was fulfilled: Fulfilled: LUK 23:49 And all His acquaintances and the women who accompanied Him from Galilee, were standing at a distance, seeing these things. Another astonishing prophecy being fulfilled.


Prophecy number 19: 19. Some of His observers would shake their heads at Him.   That’s what the word of God says – that they are going to shake their heads with disgust at the very One who came to save them.


Prophesied: PSA 109:25 "And I also became a reproach to them when they looked upon me; they shook their heads."

What’s the odds of a man actually saying that He is the Messiah and fulfilling a prophecy like that?

That’s just one prophecy!


And that of course was fulfilled, - it was fulfilled by many individuals who rejected the Lord Jesus Christ in Fulfilled: MAT 27:39  And those passing by were hurling abuse at Him, wagging their heads, 


They were mocking Him saying  - He’s not the Savior, look at Him -  He can’t even save Himself…

WAGGING THEIR HEADS - and again the wagging of heads was a sign of disgust and rejection, -  disgust and rejection for the very One who was dying for them.




And they go on to say this in: MAT 27:40  and saying, "You who {are going to} destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save Yourself! If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross."   But if He had come down from the cross, - He would have fulfilled the will of satan - and not the will of His Father.


And we know that - He was not talking about the Jewish temple being destroyed here, - He was talking about the temple of His body, - says the gospel of John, -- that’s why He says – you destroy this temple - and I’ll raise it up in 3 days - and Jesus Christ in His deity - was responsible for raising up - His humanity in the doctrine that we call resurrection.


Moving on to the 20th Prophecy 20. Even the words of His reproacher's were prophesied by David.

Another undeniably astonishing prophecy – He doesn’t just prophesy that there would be these reproachers,


Here’s what the reproaches would have to say: Prophesied: PSA 22:8  "He trusted on the LORD; let Him deliver Him; let Him rescue Him, since He  delights in Him!"


Fulfilled: MAT 27:43-44.

MAT 27:43 "HE HAS TRUSTED IN GOD; LET GOD RESCUE Him now, IF HE TAKES PLEASURE IN HIM; for He said, ‘I am the Son of God.’?'"


MAT 27:44 "And the rebels who had been crucified with Him were also insulting Him in the same way."



Next we 21. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would make intercession for sinners.


Notice our Lord here, that while on the cross He was still caring for others.


This intercession began even during His crucifixion, - even during His crucifixion  - He had His mind off of His flesh, - His own problems, - and - He was thinking of you and I.


Prophesied: ISA 53:12 "He bore the sin of many, and made intercession for transgressors."  Another astonishing prophecy


Totally fulfilled by our Lord Fulfilled: LUK 23:34 "Then Jesus said, `Father, forgive them, for they do not understand what they are doing.' And they divided His garments, and cast lots."


  1. David prophesied the thoughts of Jesus at the height of His suffering.

What were the thoughts of Jesus - at the height of His suffering?


Those thoughts were Prophesied: PSA 22:1  "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me, and why are You so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning?"


Fulfilled in this great passage that we’ve studied many times: Fulfilled: MAT 27:46 "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'ELI, ELI, LEMA SABAKTANEI?' that is, 'MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?'".



Prophecy #23 23. Zechariah taught that His body would be pierced with a spear.


Prophesied: Zec 12:10   "And I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me  whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him, like the bitter weeping over a first‑born.


And  - they are going to look at Him - when He comes back in REV 1:7 where it says - He is going to come back and the whole entire earth is going to be dark, - except when He comes back -- He is going to be a light.


In fact the apostle John puts it like this in REV 1:7:

It says in: REV 1:7 "BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen."


Some day they are all going to see Him - and they are going to mourn for Him.

We may ask how? How will every eye see Him?


Let me explain to you - How will every eye see Him, - - because the whole entire world - will be pitch black - and the only thing - that we will see in that darkness - is Jesus Christ – the Light.


Picture this entire chapel pitch dark  - and then I light a match… -- that’s what is going to happen when He comes back to get His bride.

And I know when He is coming back, do you want me to tell you? I will…


He is coming back once that last member of the body of Christ, His bride, is saved – that - is when He is coming back!

So if you want Him to come back soon, - get out there and be a witness - so that the last soul - to complete His bride is saved…


Prophecy #23 is Fulfilled: JOH 19:34-37.


JOH 19:34 but one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water.  There are many more principles to this passage as well.



JOH 19:35 And he who has seen has borne witness and his witness is true; and he knows that he is telling the truth, so that you also may believe. This is John telling us to please believe what he says.


JOH 19:36 For these things came to pass, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, "Not a bone of Him shall be broken."

The blood and water coming out of His body actually reveals that - like the sacrificial Passover lambs -have -not -a bone broken in their bodies, - the Messiah, - the ultimate Passover Lamb - would not have a broken bone in His body either.

It just wouldn’t be complete..


JOH 19:37 And again another Scripture says, "They shall look on Him whom they pierced."


Next is #24 24. David prophesied that Jesus would commit His spirit to God.


Prophesied: PSA 31:5  "Into Your hand I commit my spirit." (PSA. 31:5).


Fulfilled: LUK 23:46  And Jesus, crying out with a loud voice, said, "Father, into Thy hands I commit My spirit." And having said this, He breathed His last.


  1. David also prophesied our Lord's last words on the cross.


Prophesied: PSA 22:31  They will come and will declare His righteousness To a people who will be born, that He has performed {it.}

The Hebrew literally reads, "For it is finished."


He has finished it!

What was it that He had said - He has finished?


In John 19:30 He reveals to us that - what is finished is the work of salvation - and the fulfillment of all the prophecies – these are the prophecies - concerning our Lord’s suffering on the cross – that we are talking about.


Fulfilled: JOH 19:30 "Therefore, when Jesus had received the vinegar, He said, `It is finished.' And after bowing His head, He yielded up His spirit."


In fact, We can even assume that the last word spoken by our Lord was “doctrine” according to PSA 31:5 Into Thy hand I commit my spirit; Thou hast ransomed me, O Lord, God of doctrine.


And although not recorded - I believe that these were our Lord’s last words on the cross, - I believe this because this - is what my pastor has taught me  - and this is what our pastor believes and teaches us still today – and that is that - our Lord’s last words on the cross were DOCTRINE!


And then we have #26.  As no bone of the Passover lamb was to be broken (EXO 12:46), not a bone of His would be broken.


Prophesied: PSA 34:20  "He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken."

Is that not amazing! It is Astonishing!


Fulfilled: JOH 19:32-36.

JOH 19:32 The soldiers therefore came, and broke the legs of the first man, and of the other man who was crucified with Him;


We went into great detail with this in our study - and the reason that they broke their legs - was because they didn’t want them to be hanging on the Passover holiday, ------which is just so mind blowing to me --- that this whole entire event takes place on the Passover holiday!


And while all of the self-righteous – religious - legalistic - hypocrites - are sacrificing their own unblemished lambs, - doing things their own way, - fulfilling their own will, - and carefully btw, - without breaking a bone of the lambs body, -- and they are doing this - right as the Ultimate Passover Lamb is being slain -- right before their eyes -- but they can’t see it, - they obviously don’t want to see it -- because they were blinded by their own arrogance.


They were too proud and arrogant to appreciate - and not take for granted - what was right smack in front of their faces…

and they had it all mapped out for them!!!


All they had to do was have a little faith and they would have seen…


So the reason they broke their legs - is because they wanted them dead and off the crosses - so that the Passover passer bys - wouldn’t see what their religious hypercritical leaders did - to the ultimate Passover Lamb - and they didn’t want their holiday - to be so called “tainted” by the blood of Christ.


So they broke the first thief’s legs and then the other thief – BUT – the next verse says

JOH 19:33 but coming to Jesus, when they saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs;

And why was that???

Why didn’t they break His legs?

Because when they came to Him, - He was already dead.


He died when He said - Father into your Hand I deliver my spirit.


We could actually say that - He committed “spiritual suicide” here - because He just said I’m going to give up my human spirit.


So that is why verse 34 goes on to say:

JOH 19:34 but one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water.


JOH 19:35 And he who has seen has borne witness, and his witness is true; and he knows that he is telling the truth, so that you also may believe.



JOH 19:36 For these things came to pass, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, "Not a bone of Him shall be broken."


Now, -- as mentioned before, - we always like to read the following in dealing with the subject of prophecy and mathematics.


The validity of this type of evidence - is very significant and it is also - overwhelming.


One can estimate - the probability of chance fulfillment of any specific prophecy - by determining the number of alternative ways - in which the given circumstances - might have combined.


For example, Jacob's prophecy that Judah would be the forefather of the Messiah is found in GEN 49:10, that would have a probability of one out of twelve, since there were twelve tribes from which Messiah might have come.


Micah's predication that Christ would be born in Bethlehem in Micah 5:2 would have a probability of one out of a hundred, on the assumption that there were about a hundred towns and villages in Judah where He might have been born. Are you getting that?


Then, The combined probability that both events could have been predicted by chance would be 1 out of 12 multiplied by 1 out of 100 which is 1 in 1200.


I know that this is pretty technical  - and I know that many of us are well trained - and we may be getting this really easy - but it is still very technical and we are trying our best to make it understandable for everyone, - new believers especially…

So I’m not saying that you are stupid - I’m saying that I am stupid - because I can’t really explain it or teach it as good as my dad does… obviously


So we have one prophecy that says 1 out of 12 chances that Jesus could be born in the tribe of Judah

- and then another prophecy that says 1 out of 100 that He could be born in the town of Bethlehem,

-but you don’t stop there,

-you have to combine the two of them together

-and you get 1 in 1200 and combining the two together: This type of calculation can be extended indefinitely, multiplying individual probabilities together to get the combined probability of all the prophecies being fulfilled by chance in the same individual.


Now - we have given you 29 prophecies - so we can say this this with all confidence:

As an illustration, if just twenty of the prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ were fulfilled by our Lord when He came to earth, the combined probability is one chance in 10 one-seventy-fifths. That number could be written as "1" followed by 175 zeros.


If Jesus Christ had just filled 20 of the prophecies here are the odds: In other words, it would be 1 in 10,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000, 000, 000, 000, 000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000, 000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Ten trillion billion zillion gadillion…. Whatever you want to call this number – I have no idea what to call it but that is - the probability that 20 prophecies would be fulfilled.


Now – Do You Believe That The Bible Is The Word Of God? That’s the book, but do you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord?  I sure do!!!


I think that this book is going to be a great tool - when we add these prophecies to them.


I hope you are getting all of this - because these principles are powerful - life - changing principles

- and they have been prepared for us by a man of God who has dedicated almost his entire life, - I know he has my entire life – dedicated himself to teaching us the word of God - and what an honor - and what a privilege it is to have all of this doctrine recorded for us

--- so that we don’t have to ever go without God’s word - and God’s direction for our lives.


These mystery doctrines are the true treasure maps to each and every single one of our lives, --- so, may we never take them for granted - and become familiar with the word of God!


I’ll say this again - This is why God assures us that in 2PE 1:21 for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

Think about that, -- all the prophecies that - David made, - Zachariah made, - Isaiah made… where not made by them, - the bible says that - no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will - but men who were moved by what? - The Holy Spirit – they spoke from God.


It could not have come in any other way.


Mohamad never did this,  -Budha never did this, - Sun Myung Moon never did this… No cult ever did this –


It had to be from God!!! Thee God, – 3 persons in One -- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – God the Holy Spirit -  God the Father!


And if you don’t believe in that – than your believing in something less, -- your believing in something that is not dogmatically accurate!

You’re NOT believing in truth…


And - You may say yes – you believe all of this, - but now you know how to share what you believe with those that you love, - just in time for the 4th of July holiday celebrations when you gather together with your loved ones – your family, your friends, … those who you may normally argue with and get nowhere…


- - Well, - now you have some pretty spectacular life - changing - and - life - challenging information!


Because your pastor teacher - dedicates his life to teaching accurately the word of God - so that we can be students of truth, methates - and share this precious gift.



So again- The problem is that "the God of this world [that is, the devil] has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. (2CO 4:4).


I’m giving you information right now that most Christians, most - Christ - followers, - will never come to know and understand.


Most bible colleges don’t get this kind of information - and because we are faithful students of the word of God – we can now go out - into this lost and dying world and give HOPE – and give the REASON for the HOPE that we give!


The HOPE that lies within each one of us -  because what a shame it would be - for us to stand before the judgement seat of God - and NOT hear those words – well done my good and faithful servant!


Because - Hebrews 11:6 – tells us that God - is -a -rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!


And I don’t know about you but -- it takes a lot of work to diligently seek after our Lord.

It takes obedience, it takes humility and it takes discipline, and its not always easy to be disciplined, that takes strength - and that is why we are to rely upon - Him for that strength…, not ourselves.



So this attitude should characterize every one of us as followers of Christ.


The mind that was in Him must be in us (PHI 2:5) -- it must be our spiritual meat, or our spiritual food and the strength of our life.


The bible says that - we can have the mind of Christ, - we can actually think Christ-like thoughts.


With the phrase “It is finished”, our Lord uttered the truth of the gospel of our redemption, and the fact that - all that was needed for man's salvation - had been accomplished on the cross.  But that’s not the end, that moment of salvation is our beginning.


And here is the main point:

To do the will of God - we have to have the mind of Christ - and the mind that was in Him - must be in us.


That’s why the bible says in PHI 2:5 - Let this mind, let this thinking be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.


It must be our spiritual meat, - our spiritual food - and it has to be the strength of our life.


And it comes down to this, - this is the key- point --- that we don’t want to miss out on: TO DO THE WILL OF GOD IN ALL THINGS, AND TO FINISH HIS WORK is the key statement behind this phrase.


He fulfilled all the work on the cross - by fulfilling all of the prophecies of the cross.


Now - what does He ask me and you to do?

Does He ask us to do even more than that?

Not at all, -

He asks us - To do the will of God in all things, - that’s what God wants…


He doesn’t want to take us home right after we are saved – He doesn’t say now that you believed on My Son come right to heaven,

- He says – now that you have believed on My Son – stay on earth - and do My will

- and be an ambassador for My son,

- represent Him to a lost and dying world

--- and do it with an attitude of love - and humility.


And He said - I will fill your mouth - and I will teach you,

--- not the pastor - because we have one teacher - and our true teacher in John 1:27 – 28, is called God the Holy Spirit

- and He can teach us a lot better than any pastor teacher can teach us.


---- Im not saying that we don’t need a pastor teacher, - I did not make this up,

- in fact -  this statement does not originate with me – this is strait from our pastor’s mouth - from this very same message that he taught in 2014 – you can hear it for yourself, - there is an MP3 link to it in our YouTube description - and it’s right about at 37mins:10secs…


In every case, - we should find the strength to perform our duty in our Lord's words.....It is finished."


We want to die like Paul said in 2TI 4, -

2TI 4 this should be the goal of our life after salvation:


2TI 4:6 begins with Paul talking about dying grace, - he says: For I - am already being poured out as a drink offering,

-- he knew he was dying, --- when you are under dying grace you’re going to know when it’s time

- and you’ll be totally convinced that your under the timing of God

- and it won’t be a difficult situation to go through --- except like our Lord’s agitation, – you may feel sorry for your loved ones who don’t understand and will miss you.


2TI 4:6 For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come.


Now, - do – you – want - to finish the will of God?

Here’s what Paul said:

2TI 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;


2TI 4:8 in the future there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His  appearing.


That’s what we live for, - to finish the work of God so that we can say “it is finished” – just like He said “it is finished” –

--and what was finished?


Him fulfilling the prophecies of the bible and what the bible says about Him, -- fulfilling and finishing His personal sense of destiny --  and the plan that He had called Him to,

-- and God wants us to fulfill and finish our personal sense of destiny -- and the plan that He has called you and I to live in.


So that when we die -- we don’t have any regrets whatsoever on our dying bed, -- we don’t say I wish I’d done that, I wish I’d said this… - No -  we don’t have any regrets whatsoever -- because we are totally convinced -that we have finished the work that God has called us to do.

You can’t get any happier than that -- especially when your facing death.


So - His finished work secured the victory over every enemy.

And there isn’t anything - that you and I could go through -- that He hasn’t already - given us the victory over!


By means of faith, (2Co 5:7), we may apply these dying words of Christ on the cross, and find the power for daily living and dying (1Co 15:31) in the fellowship of the crucified Christ (Gal 2:20).


Because I am crucified with Him - as the bible says - and nevertheless I live, -yet not I, - but Christ lives in me- and it’s no longer I who live – but Christ who lives in me - and the life which I now live in this human body -- I live by faith in the Son - who loved me - and delivered Himself up for me.


Therefore, we can agree with the apostle Paul when he says,

Gal 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me.


The point is that the word of God is truly alive and powerful –


That’s why we have to have and be confident that Faith in what Christ accomplished on the cross will enable us to manifest in our daily life the spirit of the cross. (The Secret of the Cross).


What’s the spirit of the cross? What’s the secret of the cross?

The Secret Spirit of the Cross is: Lose your life and you will gain it.

Try to save your life - and you’ll lose it --- that’s the spirit of the cross, --- I’m going to live for Him – and to hell what people say… - that’s the secret of living for Him.


Again, the point here is that -- faith is the key to the word of God being truly alive and powerful.

That’s why truth is so important.

How important is Truth?


This is how important it is: Truth is that which God desires to be in our lives.


What is it that God desires? Truth in our lives.


God desires us to know the truth of:

How can I finish the work - that You have called me to do, - like Your Son finished the work that You called Him to do - even after He died for our sins… ?


David wrote it like this in:  PSA 51:6  Behold you desire Truth in the inward parts and in the hidden parts you shall make me to know wisdom."


There’s so many people who don’t have truth in the inward parts,

- they have truth with their mouth but not within,

- they lie, - they don’t have character, - they don’t have integrity, - they put down other believers, - they judge, - they gossip, - they malign, - they don’t treat other individuals like members of the royal family -- and they lie and they fool people

--- because people are ignorant of the word of God – and always remember this in your daily walk: --  as you’ve done it unto the least of my brethren, - you’ve done it unto Me. God says that.


So here is what God desires: God desires Truth to be within us.


Anyone can pretend outwardly - but the Lord desires Truth within us

– anyone can enter into plagiarism, --- people plagiarize truth all the time, --- people plagiarize this ministry and they will copy word for word --- and then turn around and put down the speaker because the speaker is not perfect…

it happens all the time,

- people are liars,  - deceivers – pretending outwardly to be something that has no truth within their hearts motivating them to do so --

---because they are just being used by satan and the kingdom of darkness to try to destroy anyone who is in their way,

-- because when you try to destroy the messenger - all you are actually doing is trying to destroy the message --- and ultimately it gets to the Lord Jesus Christ - and now you have misrepresented His truth!


God wants us to have truth - and He wants us to reveal His wisdom.


We need to understand how to relate to truth - because the bible says someday - truth is going to be our judge – not the Lord, -  not God the Holy Spirit, - not God the Father, - not God the Son, - John 12:47-48 says the Word of God is going to judge us.


So anyone can pretend outwardly - but the Lord desires Truth within us, why?


Because Truth will be our judge.


Truth - is what will judge the believer - at the Bema Seat Judgment.



Truth will reveal the lies that come forth from others  -who desire to discredit the man of God, - the people of God, - and the ministry of God.


That’s why I love the fact that To the stupid and the naive, God says in

ISA 54:17 "No weapon that is formed against you  shall prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you  will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their vindication is from Me," declares the Lord.


He is the God of doctrine, - the God of truth and we always - have to be careful - to avoid things that are simply not true - and outright lies - from those who have an agenda.


Such as an agenda by people, even believers of course, - being used by the kingdom of darkness - to steal away disciples to themselves - because they cannot reveal the truth to them - because they manipulate the truth - and they do not live in truth.


People who live like the scribes - and the Pharisees - and the hypocrites

- and our Lord warns us to be careful for them - and what they do in MAT 23:15  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel about on sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.


It is totally ridiculous,


Now, The point is that truth is what will judge the unbeliever at the Great White throne Judgment.


In fact, here is where we will close with how the apostle John put it in REV 20, you can turn there if you’d like, and as usual, I will have it on the board: REV 20:11


John tells us about seeing this Great White throne Judgment in  REV 20:11   And I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them.


And by the way, - when it says no place was found for them - it means believers who are with God, - they are not going to be any believers at that great white throne judgement.


Again -believers are not going to be at the Great White throne Judgment when the unbelievers are being judged.


And John says: REV 20:12  And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their  deeds.


REV 20:13  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds.


They never finished the work - that God had called them to finish, - in fact they never finished because - they never even began, - they never started the race!



REV 20:14  And death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire.


Notice that the verse says: This is the second death, this is the spiritual death, - they already died the first death - and that was the physical death, so notice that the unbelievers have 2 deaths, - and - the 2nd death - is the eternal one, - but that is a whole other study...


REV 20:15  And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.


And also, I mentioned it earlier in JOH 12:47 "And if anyone hears My sayings, and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.


JOH 12:48 "He who rejects Me, and does not receive My sayings, has one who judges him; the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day.


The point is that God desires truth to be within us, 2Co 11:10, "the truth of Christ is in me."


Why does He want the truth to be in us?

- Because the truth will be that which we live on  - which causes us to fulfill the finished work of Jesus Christ - so that we can identify with Him - and finish the work that God has called us to do.


And I think that the majority of us here tonight and listening to these messages have in mind - that they want to do one thing:

Fulfill the work that God has called us to do!


There is no greater joy for the born again believer than to have the mind of Christ, - to live in your personal sense of destiny, -as He did,  -and when you have finished the race.


– And have arrived at your final destination – you hear those words – “well done Thy good and faithful student”, you’ve been faithful in the little things, -- I’m now going to make you even greater in the eternal things!





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