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The most powerful asset is the ability that we have to fellowship  with the Three members of the Trinity.

This is the eulogy of a lot of believers who do nothing to glorify the Lord because the Christian way of life is a super-natural way of life and demands a super-natural means of execution.

In fact, what are those super-natural means that demand super-natural assets that the Word of God reveals to us as the power of God, the fellowship we can have with each member of the Trinity, like God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The most powerful asset is the ability that we have to fellowship  with the Three members of the Trinity.

First of all, in 2Co 13:14, we have the principle of having fellowship with the Holy Spirit as this verse says;  “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.”

This includes:

  1. God the Holy Spirit; 2CO 13:14.
  2. God the Father; Eph 3:14-21.
  3. God the Son; 1Co 1:9.


1.We can have fellowship with the Holy Spirit; 2CO 13:14   The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

  1. We can have fellowship with God the Father, not just praying to Him but also having fellowship with Him, or conversation with Him, especially during the Church-age; Eph 3:14-21.


  1. As the apostle Paul taught us about the dispensation of the Church-age and the mystery doctrine that comes with it, *** We can also learn the wisdom of God as it is revealed to us as the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places that are designed to give us all the eternal purpose which He carried out in our Lord Jesus Christ.

This also includes the boldness or the confidence we can have with Him through the doctrine and the faith we have in Him that causes us not to lose heart or not to let the tribulations that we go through, take us away from our fellowship with the Father.

We can have fellowship with God the Son, 1Co 1:9, Phi 2:5.

1Co 1:9   God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

  1. The first principle is the personal love for God the Father and occupation with Christ results in God emphasis taking precedence over people emphasis in your life.
  2. This also reveals the principle of God emphasis preceding people emphasis or people relationship before the believer can ever become an invisible hero.
  3. No one ever becomes an invisible hero and a winner in the protocol plan of God until God emphasis takes precedence over people emphasis.


So, don’t get me wrong, but people can sing even if they don’t have a good voice or PVTD because true spiritual singing is because OF THE LYRICS IN THE SONG NOT THE MUSIC.

  1. You cannot grow spiritually or execute the PPOG through Christian fellowship, i.e., social life with Christians.
  2. Fellowship with God is infinitely more important than fellowship or social life with people.
  3. Therefore, God emphasis must take priority over people emphasis in the function of the PPOG.
  4. Wrong experience with God results in wrong experience with people.
  5. Wrong fellowship or relationship with God results in wrong fellowship or relationship with people.


  1. If you are believer in Jesus Christ, the plan of God for you calls for God to be your #1 priority over people.
  2. If God is not your #1 priority, then Bible doctrine, which explains invisible God, is not your #1 priority.

Once again,  Right fellowship or relationship with God results in right fellowship or relationship with people.

Now, God is invisible and God cannot be seen, touched, tasted, heard, hugged, or kissed.

Therefore, any fellowship or relationship with God is an invisible relationship or fellowship.

It is invisible, based upon the content of thinking in your right lobe.

Relationship with God is an invisible relationship; therefore, it depends upon your ability to assimilate Bible doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Relationship with people is visible; therefore, you either respond or react.

Since God is not visible, we can respond to Him or react or react to God on the basis of Bible doctrine and nothing else, including Christian fellowship.

Fellowship with people is obviously a visible relationship, as social life in general and as a love life with a few.

Next – We also need to understand the Disadvantages to Christian fellowship.

  1. Christian fellowship can cause the establishment of wrong priorities through interaction with confused believers, a case of the weak controlling the strong.
  2. Christian fellowship is a distraction from Bible doctrine through preoccupation with friendship or romance.
  3. Christian fellowship becomes the basis for the acquisition of legalism through association with legalists.
  4. Christian fellowship becomes the basis for involvement in antinomianism through association with promiscuous believers.


  1. Some use Christian fellowship to pacify their loneliness without ever solving the problem of loneliness.
  2. Some use Christian fellowship as a dating bureau and marriage pool.
  3. Christian fellowship can lead to acquiring erroneous views of Bible doctrine.

2Ti 3:2-7, “For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, implacable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, reckless, treacherous, conceited, haters of good, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness although they have denied its power; avoid such persons as these.

For among them are those who creep into households and captivate silly women weighed down with sins [arrogance complex], led on by ever-changing caprice, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

  1. If you have fellowship with Christians who have their eyes on self, you will quickly get your eyes on yourself especially because arrogance cannot learn doctrine.
  2. If you love money, materialism, or the things of this world, you are so preoccupied with things that you cannot learn doctrine.


  1. If you boast about yourself and your money and things, you are arrogant and not occupied with Christ.

If you are arrogant, you will malign other people and you will be a gossip who judges Jews and Christians rather than serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

This all starts with rejection of authority as when the individual Arabs were known to be disobedient to their parents.

This is also when the Arabs who lacked capacity for life began to be jealous because they thought that the Jews were claiming that they were the “chosen race” and the “superior race” of their day.

The main principle is that the Jews were the chosen race in the Old Testament but they could convert to Judaism anytime they desired to.

In fact, the Arabs were the ones who were not content to be what the Jewish parents taught their children to be concerning the difference between what the Jews and all the gentiles.

They were very brutal to their own people and brutality does not always express itself in violence, but also in the vicious use of the tongue in slander, gossip, and maligning.

There is nothing wrong with pleasure providing blessings for believers that come from the godliness that glorifies the Lord.

But when it takes precedence over your love for God, you will never reach spiritual adulthood and never have the pleasure of being occupied with Christ.

Obviously, fellowship with these categories of Christians would be detrimental to the spiritual life of the believer.

Whether fellowship is detrimental or wonderful does not depend upon the fellowship as such, but upon your ability for believers to discern virtue and integrity that comes from the justice and the righteousness of God.

Neither legalism nor lasciviousness are virtuous.

If you do not put God first, your relationship with people in any periphery will be a mess and will have no spiritual significance.

If you have fellowship with positive believers who have virtue, integrity, and who recognize the privacy of your priesthood, you can have a wonderful relationship with others where you will make some of the greatest friendships in this life.

On the other hand, the advantage to such friendships is that you are not depending on them; you’re depending on the Lord.

When you are not depending on people and still have relationships with them, then you are in spiritual self-esteem.

Then you don’t get upset when they turn nasty and sarcastic and turn sour, because you are depending on the Lord, and your fellowship with the Lord takes care of that.

Christian fellowship is nice to have if there is no legalism, antinomianism, or apostasy.

Your encouragement must come from inside of you.

Social life can be a very refreshing interlude, as it was designed to be under the right circumstances.

However, Christian fellowship cannot replace reception of Bible doctrine, fulfill the protocol plan, or glorify God.

Christian fellowship can only provide unrealistic expectation and role model arrogance so that your life becomes one of intensive competition and no relaxation.

If God doesn’t provide it, who needs it?

The Lord wants all His followers to realize and believe and apply the operational will of God which refers to how the Lord wants us to operate or function concerning the Word of God which guides and directs us to what the Lord wants us to do.

Now, because this is true, our Lord desires the believer to be filled with the Spirit, through PMA of  Bible doctrine.

He also desires us to build a soul structure or what some call it an edification complex in the soul which is based upon the mystery doctrine of the Church-age.

As an edification, we have our foundation which is built upon the Lord Jesus Christ, which are rules built upon a foundation who is Christ, and we have a first floor, a second flaw, a third floor, etc. which is being finished and established as our spiritual soul.

This means you have a soul which is structured according to divine viewpoint which doctrine builds within the believer’s soul so that the believer is able to worship the Lord as the Lord desires by means of the Spirit and the truth.

In the times in which we live we need to understand the divine assets that are given to us as the material used to build a soul structure in the soul so that we know the will of God and how to operate and function with the divine assets that the Holy Spirit gives to us at salvation.

There is only One who truly cares and the last thing that some of us need is to be around with are those who drag us down with their negativity and pessimism.

In fact, A lot of believers have enough problems with their own ability to handle certain situations in life and so the last thing they need is to be around others who are negative as well.

There is so much garbage in the human race that is being fed to us daily by the lies of the Cosmic System that come from the god of this world, Satan, so we need to make sure we are being cleansed by the Word of God.

Those who think in the negative realm will only drag you down to their level of negativity.

They live as they think in the negative realm where they exist as loser believers who are pessimists.

Pessimists or those who constantly perceive things in a negative light.  see a “glass half-empty” rather than half-full.

  1. You discredit victory.
  2. You always assume things won’t work out.
  3. You rain on other people’s parades.
  4. You give up easily.
  5. You have a difficult time forgiving.

Psychology suggests that pessimist are really depressed people who have no idea how pessimistic they really are.

They may seem to have an accurate view of reality, though this accuracy is not worth anything because it is based on the lies that come from the cosmic system or the devil’s world.

On the other hand, the opposite of a pessimist are optimists who are believers who think positive and are happier and healthier in spite of the lies of the world.

“If you continually focus on what you don’t have, your life will always seem to be completely empty despite the fact that it’s completely full.”

When you’re a pessimist, people are always smiling at someone else rather than you.

We all know people who do not share our positive system of thinking and therefore, they could care less what our opinion may be, they’re too busy putting down those who are grateful and thankful for the blessings that the Lord gives.

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