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Robert R.
11, 2020
Pastor Rick Kabrick
A Detailed look at the Book of Luke. Prt 10. CH 15-16 

As we left LUK 14 there were great crowds following HIM. Disciples, followers, sinners, and the religious leaders who were looking for ways to accuse HIM of wrongdoing.

The sheep does not repent, Jesus mentioned the need for repentance in the last few words of the parable.
It’s almost as if HE said, look the sheep doesn’t repent, but you need to when GOD finds you.

We may not think of GOD as rejoicing, but this passage tells us that HE does, and in what circumstances. 

ISA 62:5, As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your GOD rejoice over you

Prodigal is from the Latin word prodigus and means one who is lavish in a wasteful, extravagant way.

His love like GOD the father’s love allowed rebellion and therefore respected human free will. The father knew that the son made a foolish and greedy request, yet allowed him to go and do it.

The Sovereign Will of GOD
GOD brings to pass whatever HE pleases by HIS Divine Decree.

In the Divine Decree GOD comprehended every event, their causes and their interaction with other events, including every decision we would ever make.

The preceptive will of GOD relates to the revealed commandments of GOD’s published law. When GOD commands us not to steal, we still have the choice to do so.

HIS law exists as surely as the light by which we read it.

The son left the area to become independent of the father and lived a prodigal (reckless, foolish, extravagant) life. No doubt it was fun while it lasted. Sin has it’s pleasure for a season.

The misery of the prodigal son may move our sympathy. But we will see that his misery drove him to a good resolution.

The reason is because you can’t run away from yourself.

It was a love that fully received, not putting the son on probation. This was especially remarkable because the son had disgraced the family by his prodigal living.

It was a happy thing to find the lost sheep and the lost coin. It was much more happy to find the lost son.

These exaggerations are common for those who hold on to bitterness. The older son finally showed this bitterness to the father, but only after it had done its damage in his heart over many years.

In this sense he was a perfect illustration of the religious leaders who were angry that Jesus received tax collectors and sinners.

In each of the parables, the message to the lost is clear: repent, come home to the father.
The message to the religious leaders was also clear: be happy when the lost are found, when they repent and come home to the father.

It is true that each of us will have to give account of our stewardship regarding our time, our talents, our substance, and our influence.

When the steward knew that he would be called to account, he knew his poor management would be exposed. He also knew that his other options were unattractive to him.

The world is filled with financial planners and advisers; and it is good for Christians to learn how to use their money wisely. In fact, we are to be good stewards of all that God has provided.

But when most Christians talk about wise money management, they forget to practice the most important kind of long term investing: investing with an eye to eternity, an everlasting home

This certainly does not mean that leaders in the Church have to be wealthy or make a lot of money. It is an issue of how they manage the resources GOD has given to them, not how great their resources are.

Jesus refers to the fact that all our riches belong to GOD, and we must see that we are managing HIS resources. Faithfulness in this will result in blessing.

The Pharisees were all about their own self-interest. They were lovers of money.

A very important verse to always keep in mind the LORD says: You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. It is one thing to justify yourselves before men, because smooth words and a loving smile can deceive many. 

For some people the idea God knows your hearts is comfort; for others it is a curse.

Lazarus did not even have the honor of a burial in this life, yet Heaven honored him, being carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man had the honor of a burial, but no angelic escort or pleasant destination.

Lazarus had a true relationship of faith with the true GOD, and the rich man did not. And that is the point.

Hades is technically not hell, or what is also known as the Lake of Fire. That place is called Gehenna, a Greek word borrowed from the Hebrew language “Valley of Hinnom,”.

The rich man was definitely a descendant of Abraham, and the great father of faith did not disown him. Yet having Abraham as father was not enough to escape his torment in the life to come.

Today we would say they have the Word of GOD the canon of Scripture and Pastor Teachers etc.

With all the evidence of GOD, with all the ways that he manifests HIMself to man, one dead man rising from the tomb would not convince the unbelievers.

The rich man wasn’t lost because he was rich. He was lost because he did not listen to the law and the prophets. Many will also be lost for the same reason.

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