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Robert R. McLaughlin
Friday , January 02, 2015

How our Lord used the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God and the difference between gnosis and epignosis doctrine.

The basic theme throughout the year was the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, was the main theme of our entire year.

The entire month of January emphasized the importance of knowledge verses wisdom or what is known as gnosis verses epignosis.

February = how each Gospel focuses in on a different aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ and His ministry on the earth.

Mathew focuses on the Kingship of Christ. Mark focuses in on the servant-hood of Christ. Luke focuses on the humanity of Christ. John on the deity of Christ.

EZE 1:10 As for the form of their faces, each had the face of a man,[Luke]  all four had the face of a lion [Matthew] on the right and the face of a bull [Mark] on the left, and all four had the face of an eagle [John].

Then in the month of March we studied the Lamb of God Who took away the sins of the world.

JOH 1:29   The next day he *saw Jesus coming to him, and *said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

We spent time on Satan’s motivations and studied the betrayer.  We also noted Satan possession.

You may have forgotten that we noted the Holy Trinity verses the unholy Trinity.

The unholy trinity is Satan, the false prophet and the anti-Christ.

April began with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God manifested in the life of Jesus Christ by the washing the feet of His disciples.

Because of this we entered into a study of the Psalm of the Crucifixion. Psalm 22.

Next we noted True and genuine love verses the hypocrisy of love.

We also emphasized the principle of the fact that He taught “He who has bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean.

We noted the fact that through the power of God, we have the ability to love with a greater love than what they loved with in the Old Testament.

We saw the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, as manifested in the Life of Jesus Christ, toward the traitor, Judas Iscariot as he was also given his privacy.

Judas was born a sinner but he was not born a traitor.

Then in May on Mother’s Day we noted the  Motherhood of God.

The importance of positional truth and the vine and the branches.

The six trials and what our Lord went through when He arrived at the Cross.      May 21, 2014.

June began with the doctrine of the substitutionary spiritual death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.   The seven sayings of the lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Then came July which again dealt with the many aspects of the Substitutionary Spiritual Death of our Lord.

Deacon Rick Bettez dealt with how Science catches up to the Bible. Rick Kabrick dealt with the Feasts of the Lord.

August = we noted the Divine descriptions of Hades or Hell.

The Function of God the Father and God the Holy Spirit during the Substitutionary Spiritual Death.

Then in the middle of August we noted the importance of repetition and the doctrine of Election.

September began with more of the doctrine of Election.

1. TLJC 2. Israel and the Jew 3. The election of the church.

October began with the Doctrine of Election and the difference between: Cosmic one and Cosmic two.

Election and the Believer’s Escrow Account.

The Winner believer. Selection and Election.

November dealt with the hypocrisy of religion noting especially the Roman Catholic Church and its false doctrines.

The equal privilege of election manifested by the universal priesthood of every Church-age believer.

The Royal Family honor code as it relates to the doctrine of Election.

December = we entered into our present study The Doctrine of Heaven.

We noted the gate of Lazarus.   The principle of going from death to glory.

We have also noted how we will be able to see Heaven from a distance.

A glimpse of our arrival in Heaven and the New Jerusalem.

Nothing is more important in our lives than Bible doctrine,  since Bible doctrine reveals the invisible assets and how to glorify God and receive our fantastic inheritance from God.

Prin-Peter was a prepared pastor and God uses prepared men.

The pres-act-inf of hupominnesko which which means to remind you, to bring to your remembrance, to teach you something you’ve already learned and therefore to repeat.

JOH 14:26, “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.

Prin-The purpose of repetition is to fulfill a deliberate objective which is to inculcate Bible doctrine in the believer’s soul so that the believer will remain in the PPOG.

“know” is the per-act-part of oida which is eidotas = recognizes the completed action of knowing, which reveals that this was a “well taught congregation”!

prin-A well taught congregation is one that has been repeated to over and over again.
established is the per-pass-part of sterizo meaning to be supported, sustained, and firmly established.

1. In eternity past the blessings placed in your inheritance were made contingent upon the future performance of each believer.

2. Spiritual maturity is the result of doctrines being repeated over and over again to the congregation, and spiritual maturity is the place that the believer graduates from.

Heaven will reward soul winners, DAN 12:3. Heaven will reward humble servants, MAT 10:42. Heaven will reward faithful stewards,
MAT 25:23, Heaven will reward those who give, LUK 6:35

Heaven will reward those who produce divine good, ROM 2:10.   Heaven will reward those who are persecuted, MAT 5:11-12.

Heaven will reward those who suffer un-deservingly,  2TI 2:12.   Heaven will reward those who master the O.S.N., 1CO 9:25.
Heaven will reward those who love His appearing, 2TI 4:8.   Heaven will reward those who endure temptations, JAM 1:12.   Heaven will reward the faithful pastor teacher, 1PE 5:4.

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