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Abram sells out for the lesser blessing of the cosmos.

Friday, November 23, 2001

“Stuff” is something that you sell yourself out for.

GEN 3:4 “Do this you surely shall not die!”

Qal imperfect – laqach = Sarai actually grabbed and snatched Hagar and brought her right to Abram.

The consent of Abram led to an action which destroyed more than it ever gained.

Abram had everything and because he neglected doctrine for a short time, he failed to realize what he had.

There are no short cuts, and nothing in life is worth the neglect of God’s word and God’s plan for your life.

There’s an ‘R’, there’s an ‘R’! It’s celebrate, not celibate!

Immorality and lasciviousness actually depletes the sexual energy necessary in marital sex.

The female who has had a series of male lovers, all into self-gratification, will eventually become so frustrated she will resort to unnatural stimulation.

Gen 16 – Hagar became a distraction from Bible doctrine; and this made Abram so vulnerable to maladjustment to the justice of God.

Sin means loss of fellowship; loss of fellowship without rebound means loss of spiritual momentum.

Maladjustment to the justice of God = negative volition toward doctrine.

We all adjust to the justice of God at the point of salvation. When Jesus Christ was on the cross He was bearing our sins.

Jesus Christ did the work of salvation – redemption reconciliation, propitiation, imputation, justification, or expiation.

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