Grace Bible Church
Deacon Richard Bettez
Friday, November 21, 2014

In scripture adoption means to be recognized by God as an adult son
EXO 2:10, 1KI 11:20

In the eyes of the law the adapted one became a new creature…born again into a new family

Abba referring to the Aramaic word for Papa or Daddy found 3 times in NT ROM 8:15, Mark 14:36, GAL 4:6

Roman adoption superseded bloodline, bypassed the gene pool & brought you to the top of that family tree

Ephesians 1:5 He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ

In ancient Roman times a boy before the age of 14 was no better off in the family then a common servant

Once the robe was placed upon his shoulders that teenage boy was administered his funds and given a choice of careers

When you accept Christ as your savior, positionally you are an adult son immediately

We have been lifted up to the Royal status once we have the robe of salvation

Legalism comes in & tells Bels to go back and follow rules & rituals

ROM 10:4 says Christ is the end of the law for righteousness for everyone who believes

Why go back to the false religions now that you know Christ?

Christ is the heir of all things. HEB 1:2 Christ is owner of all things because He built all things

Heirship is based on sonship   ROM 8:16-17 says all Bel’s are the children of God

Heirship demands eternal life Titus 3:7 we are justified by His grace, nothing we did, and we are conformed to His will so that we receive eternal life

Heirship means to share the destiny of TLJC EPH 1:11 In Him we obtain the inheritance because we share His inheritance

Heirship is based on election    HEB 9:15 says we have been called   out and given a promise

Heirship means eternal security 1Pet 1:4-5 we have been born again into a new inheritance within heaven that cannot decay.

Heirship is based on Grace GAL 3:29 If you are born again, you belong to Christ and share in the inheritance just as Abraham’s offspring

The HS is the down payment on our inheritance EPH 1:14 The filling of the HS is the pledge & guarantee of our inheritance

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