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It has always taken resurrection life for God to express Himself in human beings. Part 3.

Friday, October 24, 2008

God has provided for every believer his very own spiritual life with a uniform set of principles and divine mandates, and a means of glorifying Him.

There are changes which occur in you as a result of your Christian life, but there is no mold in the Christian life into which you must fit.

If we keep, guard, bear in mind, observe, practice, His teachings precepts, or commands.

In that believer the love of and for God been completed, or reached maturity. By this we may perceive (know, recognize, and be sure) that we are in Him.

Light shining out of darkness = the surpassing greatness of the power manifested in us by God and not from ourselves.

Impersonal unconditional love = the manifestation of resurrection life alive in you.

The first category of the dynamics spiritual life includes the spiritual gifts and the power of the spiritual life, which is the filling of the Holy Spirit, metabolization of doctrine, and the ten problem-solving devices.

Many believers do not discover until death how useless their life has been, because they have spent their life trying to prove something in this life to others.

When we ignore the power of God found in the filling of the Holy Spirit and metabolized doctrine, we will self-destruct through our own bad decisions and avoid taking the responsibility for them.

True wealth is not measured by God in terms of materialistic things, but in terms of what you have in the right lobe of your soul.

When we have it circulating in the right lobe of the soul, our spiritual wealth begins to pay great dividends.

The “riches of His grace” is our portfolio and extend into every aspect of our life, and they are provided in grace - you do not earn them or deserve them.

There has to be in your spiritual life a total replacement of all of the blackout of the soul, scar tissue of the soul, and garbage in the subconscious.

ROM 9:23 “That He might make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for glory.”

This requires a phenomenal change in the consciousness and right lobe of the soul, where there are so many things that have accumulated by way of scar tissue of the soul.

PHI 4:19 “My God will supply all your needs on the basis of His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

In the process of learning doctrine, the believer begins to use his portfolio and the portfolio meets the needs of his life.

COL 2:2 “That their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining all the riches of full assurance of understanding, resulting from epignosis of the mystery of God, {that is,} of Christ.”

The enemy of our spiritual life is false ideas, created by false teaching, 1TI 6:3-6.

Arrogance is defined here as “understanding nothing.”

An arrogant person will take their own unrealized flaws and project them on someone else in gossip, maligning, judging, malice.

Another category of living in the dynamic spiritual life -
Spiritual Production and Spiritual Skill.

Spiritual production and spiritual skills are the basis for your Christian service, but spiritual skills must precede production skills.

Spiritual skills plus production skills equal the production of divine good. Production skills minus spiritual skills equal the performance of human good, dead works, and evil.

(a) Christian service is related to whatever your spiritual gift is.
(b) Christian service is related to your royal priesthood - prayer, giving.
(c) Christian service is related to your royal ambassadorship - witnessing, leadership in administration.
(d) Christian service is related to your invisible impact, your invisible testimony to angels of the power of the problem-solving devices in the soul.
(e) Christian service is related to the laws of divine establishment - law enforcement, military service, your job.

God the Father, as the grantor, billions of years ago, knowing that you would believe in Christ, deposited into escrow greater blessings for time and eternity.

Failure to execute the conditions of the escrow means these blessings remain on deposit in escrow forever as a memorial to lost opportunity.

The Fourth Category - the Unique Assets of the Church Age.
(1) The creation of a new spiritual species.
(2) The creation of the royal family of God.
(3) Equal privilege under the baptism of the Spirit or positional sanctification.
(4) Equal opportunity under logistical grace.
(5) The creation of a unique plan for this dispensation.

(6) The creation of a universal priesthood, allowing you to represent yourself before God.
(7) The ten-problem solving devices.
(8) The royal ambassadorship.
(9) The mystery doctrine of the Church Age in a completed Canon.
(10) The indwelling of all three members of the Trinity.
(11) A dispensation of no prophecy.
(12) A dispensation of invisible heroes related to your invisible impact.

The spiritual life is mandated by the Word of God but is only lived by those believers who are positive to doctrine.

Human relationships, relationship with God, your environment, both adversity and prosperity, objectivity from maximum doctrine circulating in your soul, through the filling of the Holy Spirit, discernment, common sense, and wisdom are some of the by-products of using this spiritual life.

By living in the past, we often react to authority creating scar tissue of the soul and garbage in the subconscious.

Then we resent and reject authority or deny and project our flaws on others.

You can conclude that God has a plan, will, and purpose for your life, and the purpose is your continuation and learning what that will is.

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