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Point 5.  America and Biblical Prophecy and the Role of the Pivot in the Last Days.

Point 6. The Five Cycles of Discipline concerning the Doctrine of the Pivot.

If we do not honor God and respect His word, then the following warnings are given to us not to make us pay but to awake us to get serious about our relationship with Him, therefore, there is what we call the first cycle of discipline, LEV 26:14‑17.

The word abhors is the verb ‎ma'ac (maw-as'); to spurn; to take lightly, to despise, refuse or to reject.

a.  The first part of the Mosaic Law is called The Decalogue, which is the freedom code made up of The Ten Commandments.

b.  The second part is called The Ordinances, the spiritual code.
Soteriology and Christology through the various articles of furniture in the tabernacle and temples, through the procedure and policy of the Levitical priesthood, Holy Days; The Levitical sacrifices.

c.  The third part is The Judgments, an establishment code = freedom, privacy, marriage, criminal law, taxation (tithing), military policy and freedom through military victory, diet, health, sanitation, quarantine, free enterprise, and profit motivation.

It outlaws violence, terrorism, civil disobedience, and revolution.
"sudden terror" is the function of terrorism as it existed in the ancient world. It is also a reference to violence, unrestrained criminality, and hostility from other nations.

Consumption refers to epidemics, and many epidemics have been the beginning of the end of great nations or empires.

The last phrase you shall sow your seed uselessly, for your enemies shall eat it up refers to economic disaster and depression.  The illustration used refers to an agricultural economy.

The Hebrew word for hate here means hate based on envy.
"you will flee when no one is pursuing you" is an idiom saying that the general population becomes cowardly, afraid of war.

The second cycle of discipline, LEV 26:18‑20.

Everything in the first cycle is intensified in the second cycle by seven.

Once the first cycle of discipline is administered and it does not turn around the nation, arrogance sets in.

God actually punishes such arrogance among those in power without the humility to use their power properly.

The sky like iron and the earth like bronze refers to a drought means economic disaster, resulting in economic depression.

The second cycle of discipline is a depression, bad social life, no national pride, and people work hard for nothing (inflation).

In the Third Cycle, there is the intensification of epidemics and illnesses in the land.

In the third cycle, the population is thinned out by violence.  Crime gets out of control; commerce is stopped; there are natural disasters.

The Fourth cycle of discipline is found in passages like LEV 26:23‑26.

There will be great uncontrollable crime, military invasion and partial defeat, disease from overcrowding, a shortage of food causing starvation, and even greater natural disasters = Israel in 68 A.D.; 586 B.C. and 721 B.C.

One of the great signs of loss of freedom, and replacing it with both moral and immoral degeneracy, is when you see the breakdown of the military establishment.

The entire book of Numbers is devoted to setting up a mobilization plan for the military.

The inevitable results of the fourth cycle of discipline is the beginning of starvation.

The Fifth Cycle of Discipline, LEV 26:27‑38.

Now there is nothing to eat.  Enemies have taken over the country. People are put into slavery.

Everyone JUDGES others and puts them down. The only hope is Bible doctrine; there is no hope beyond Bible doctrine.

Cannibalism is the total malfunction of all establishment principles.

This type of cannibalism actually occurred between 66 and 70 AD. among Jews under the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army.

The high places are the meeting places of false doctrine and cults, especially the Phallic Cult.

This happened three times to the Jewish people.

No strength means no military establishment for freedom, and no patriotic motivation.

Enemies of the Jews were those like Assyria, Chaldea, and Rome.

1.  TLJC wants us to know that he will expose false religious leaders who reject His plan  because they can pile upon themselves a greater weight of guilt that deserves a more severe judgment, MAR 12:40, LUK 20:47.

LUK 20:47 who devour widows' houses, and for appearance's sake offer long prayers; these will receive greater condemnation. "

2. TLJC taught that in the day of judgment, the measure of judgment that comes upon some would be different from others,.

3.  The purpose for the Lord sending messengers is not only for grace but for judgment, 2CO 2:14-17.

4.  The more that an individual hears truth, and the more that reject truth, they just pile on greater and greater guilt, MAT 23:35, LUK 12:48.

5. Therefore,  every time that the Word of God goes forth, it accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent, ISA 55:11.

6. The measure of discipline on someone who has heard the truth, and then has rejected it, is much worse than the believer who has never heard it, 2Pet 2:20-21, LUK 12:48.

7. The discipline is even much worst for leaders and those in positions of authority, JAM 3:1.
Acts 7:58  And when they had driven him out of the city, they began stoning him, and the witnesses laid aside their robes at the feet of a young man named “Saul”.

2CO 11:24-25,   Five times I received from the Jews thirty‑nine lashes. Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned,

This is Zechariah, who was slain in the temple, in 2CH 24:20-22.

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