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The Angelic Conflict. Part 41. Satan's main goal is not to get believers to sin, but to become independent from God.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

The first one is the temptation to rely on self rather than the ministry of Holy Spirit, MAT 4:1-4, LUK 4:1-4.

“Will TLJC who has the power to turn the stone into bread use that power and operate independently of the power of the Holy Spirit or rely on God to meet His needs?”

Instead of performing miracles under His own power, our Lord used the greatest power ever known in the history of the human race. He used Bible doctrine in all three parts of his testing.

When God performs a miracle, it requires only His sovereignty [His will].

When a believer uses Bible doctrine and makes correct application and advances in the plan of God through the use of that Bible doctrine, that is the greatest power and the highest function that any member of the human race can attain.

Bible doctrine is the very thinking of Jesus Christ, 1CO 2:16, and it is the word of God - a reference to God Himself, JOH 1:1.

He did not use false solutions to suffering; there are two of them that most believers use - prayer and miracles!

To pray for strength in time of suffering is absolutely blasphemous since under the PPOG, strength is provided in another way, through the power of the Spirit, ACT 1:8, and the power of the word of God, HEB 4:12.

You do not pray for a miracle or the removal of the suffering like Paul did in 2Co 12 with the thorn in his flesh!

A miracle is a false solution just as prayer is, when God provides for us suffering to bear.

It is easy for God to perform a miracle; only His volition is involved; only the sovereignty of God is involved plus His omnipotence.

It is more difficult for God to give maximum blessing to a believer because that involves the volition of the believer and faith and trust from the believer in the character and nature of God.

What does prove something is when the believer advances to spiritual maturity and can take any pressure provided by Satan.

There are allotted times in your life ordained by God for you to go through undeserved suffering -
to go “through” it!

PHI 1:29 For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake
2TI 2:3 Suffer hardship with {me,} as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

DEU 8:3 Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

The temptation of Satan was designed to lure the humanity of Christ away from reliance upon the omnipotence of the Father for His logistical grace, and upon the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit inside the PPOG.

Satan’s main goal is not to get the believer to sin but to get the believer to become independent from God.

GEN 12:13-19 - Abraham willfully lied to deceive the Pharaoh and protect his own life.
GEN 26:7 - he committed the same sin as his father Abraham; he lived in fear of losing his life and therefore willfully lied and told the men of Gerah that Rebekah was not his wife but his sister.

GEN 25:31-33 - he was naturally crafty and sly and stole the birthright from Esau.
GEN 27:18-29 - we have a record of his master deception over his father Isaac, and yet God was faithful to him.

The Lord changed his name to Israel - “a prince with God.”

When the Lord appears in the O.T. He says, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

EXO 2:12 - Moses willfully killed a man with his bare hands.

He made excuses to the Lord, EXO 3:11, saying that he was not fit to be used by the Lord.

JDG 6:13 - he said, I cannot go because the Lord has forsaken Israel.
JDG 6:15 - he then said, I am not fit for the job.

JDG 8:24-27 - he foolishly makes a golden ephod which becomes a snare to Israel.
JDG 14:1-3 - he kept associating with evil people, basically wild and perverted women.

He was very spiritual at times, JDG 13:25; 15:14, yet he was under the power of carnal lust.

He had a deep desire for prostitutes and then finally for a ravishing woman named Delilah.

JDG 15:4 - he was childish in his plans, yet courageous in battle, JDG 15:11-14.

1SA 21:1-10 - David willfully sinned and told a lie, and the result of his lie was that an entire city was wiped out (city of Nob).

Then he “faked madness” and made the enemy believe he was crazy, and as a result hundreds died, 1SA 2:11-18.
Then David failed in his responsibility as the king, 2SA 11:1.

While he was in Jerusalem, 2SA 11:2-27, he ended up in certain “shocking” sins.
He committed adultery, he got a man drunk, he committed murder, and he willfully lied.

2SA 6:1-13 - he did not honor the word of God.
1Ch 21 - David rejected the promises of God and even questioned the faithfulness of God.
We have his failure to forgive completely his son Absalom.

David’s son, Solomon, born from the woman he murdered for, Bathsheba, lived an excessive luxurious lifestyle,1KI 4:22-23.
He married all kinds of ungodly women, 1KI 11:1-2, lived in excessive sensuality, 1KI 11:3, even sanctioned idolatry, 1KI 11:4-7.

1Ki 19 - Elijah just had a tremendous victory, and then he ran from the threat of a woman.

Jonah - the reluctant self-centered, filled-with-hatred missionary.

These realistic portraits of the great heroes of the faith teach us to expect perfection out of no human being - including ourselves.

Perfection is found only in heaven and in the person of the perfect God-man, the Lord Jesus.

HEB 4:12 For the word of God is alive and powerful

We are dealing with an invisible enemy, Satan, and all of those demons that operate under his command are invisible to us!

1JO 4:4 You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

All spiritual victory in the angelic conflict is related to the Word of God.

The second test that Satan put the Lord through was to test our Lord’s relationship to the plan of God for His life, LUK 4:5-8, MAT 4:8-10.

a. “Avoid the purpose of the Father’s plan for the incarnation and by-pass the cross and I’ll promote you,” says Satan.
b. “Avoid the purpose of the Father’s plan for the Second Advent - take the crown or the kingdom now!”

TLJC is pointing out to Satan that all creature obligation and loyalty is to the plan of God in the sense of serving Him!

“It shall be all yours (the kingdoms of this world)” = Satan, instead of serving God, is seeking to hinder the believer from serving God by offering the believer the things of this world.

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