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The Angelic COnflict. Part 51. The grand consumation after crushing the opposition.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Point 11. How God is Glorified in the Angelic Conflict.

HEB 2:7 Thou hast made him [original man, the first Adam] for a little while lower than the angels; Thou hast crowned him [in GEN 5:2, male and female] with glory and honor, And hast appointed him over the works of Thy hands [GEN 1:28 fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth].

Verse 7 - the first Adam who failed.
Verse 8 - the last Adam.

The grand consummation is when, after crushing the opposition, TLJC hands over His kingdom to God the Father, who then turns it back over to TLJC.

When everything and everyone is finally under God’s rule, the Son will step down, taking His place with everyone else, showing that God’s rule is absolutely comprehensive - a perfect ending, and then God the Father turns the kingdom back over to Him.

Verse 7 - back to the first Adam in the garden of Eden.
Verse 8 - forward to the Last Adam in the Millennial reign.
Verse 9 - back to the Church-age.

Author - noun archegon = the chief or supreme leader, the ruler, the prince, or the author.

ACT 3:15 But you put to death the Prince [archegon-the chief or supreme leader, or the author] of life, the one whom God raised from the dead, a fact to which we are witnesses.
ACT 5:31 He is the one whom God exalted to His right hand as a Prince [archegon] and a Savior, to grant repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.

“To perfect” - aor-act-inf - teleiosai = to advance to completion, to finish; TLJC is completed when every son (Church-age believer) is presented to Him as His bride.

Pathema - sufferings = in the plural because He was judged for every single sin in the history of the human race.

“He who sanctifies” - pres-act-part - hagiazo = to make holy, to purify even mentally.

1CO 1:2, HEB 10:10 - every believer is sanctified or set apart for God.
Sanctification is not something we attain, but it is a state in which we begin the Christian life.

Present tense - TLJC keeps on setting apart those who believe through the baptism of the Spirit.
Active voice - TLJC does the sanctifying through God the Holy Spirit Who is the agent and the reason we are in union with Christ.
Participle - denotes the purpose of the cross.

Sanctified - pres-mid-part - hagiazo = to receive holiness and to be set apart by God.

If you do not understand positional truth, you will not understand the fantastic implications and applications concerning the angelic conflict.

It is our position that ultimately counts, not our condition.
PSA 130:3 If you Lord marked iniquities, no one could stand.

TLJC is perfect and every believer is in union with Him.

To call - pres-act-inf - kalien = to call or to name.

1CO 2:16 - through the mind of Christ!

Behold - aor-mid-imp - idou = to look or to focus your attention.

God has given - aor-act-ind - edoken = to reward through giving.

1PE 5:8 Be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

In this angelic conflict, Satan holds man in his power, just like a jailer holds a prisoner until there is a true legal release.

Might deliver - aor-act-sub - apallaxe = to release or to set free; or to deliver.

1. Jesus Christ became true humanity to do the will of the Father, HEB 10:5-10.
2. Jesus Christ had to become true humanity to be the Savior of the world, PHI 2:7-8; HEB 2:14-15.
3. Jesus Christ had to become true humanity to be the mediator between God and man, JOB 9:2,32-33; 1TI 2:5-6.

4. Jesus Christ had to become true humanity to be a priest.
A priest must be a man in order to represent man before God.
Jesus Christ became true humanity to be our high priest, HEB 7:4-5,14,28; 10:5,10-14.

5. Jesus Christ had to become true humanity to be a king and rule forever.
He had to be the son of David to fulfill the Davidic covenant to Israel, 2SA 7:8-16; PSA 89:20-37.

“Suffered” - per-act-ind - peponthen = to suffer, to undergo punishment.
Was tempted” - aor-pass-part - peirastheis = to test, to approve for good or bad, to test someone to determine their character.
Pres-pass-part - peirazomenois = to test, to try the quality and character of an individual!

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