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Angels play an important role in the protection of God’s people. Especially in light of the invisible enemy we face.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Adverb of place – ekei – e*kei’ = a specific geographical location.

“Might be nourished” – pres-act-subj – trepho = to nourish, or to sustain.
Trepho is used for a mother nourishing her child.

Progressive present tense – an action in the state of persistence.

Active voice – guardian angels produce the action of the verb in sustaining that area, cutting it off and isolating it from any Satanic attacks, either direct or through human activity.

Subjunctive mood – potential subjunctive = implies a future reference; all believers will not be smart enough to know when to get up and move.

Ignorance is one of the greatest destroyers.

Ignorance and ignore are closely related.

Ignorance is self-destructive – not only in the Church-age, but in the dispensation which follows the Rapture.

REV 12:6 – if these believers do get up and move out or move on, they will have the presence of the protection from the elect angels, and for each one personally, their guardian angels.

HEB 1:14 Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?

LUK 16:22 – angels were used to guard a person’s soul and spirit to Paradise.

MAT 2:13 – an angel was used to warn Joseph that Herod would try to kill baby Jesus.

Never question the justice and the righteousness and the decisions of God.

Guardian angels have saved billions of people from situations of physical death.

MAT 2:19-21 – a guardian angel was used to tell Joseph to go back to the land of Israel.

Here guardian angels are used to guide and direct God’s people.

In MAT 28:21, angels were used to roll away the obstacles placed in the believer’s path.

The Pharisees would not let them celebrate the religious celebration and the announcement of the Messiah, so the shepherds were out in the fields, LUK 2:9-13, and angels came and announced the birth of Jesus Christ.

1. A guardian angel that is given over the client nation, DAN 10:13.

2. Every single child, whether they are believers or unbelievers, have a guardian angel. They do not have to be Christians to receive that guardian angel, MAT 18:10.

3. Every single believer has a guardian angel; if you are an adult, you have a guardian angel, HEB 1:14.

As a result of the prehistoric angelic conflict, certain elect angels received blessings and rewards.

Wings represent rank in the angelic realm.

The highest ranking angels are called seraphim – a high ranking angel who has 6 wings.

The elect angels were given rewards for living in something similar to our own pre-designed plan which God has designed for our life.

God is just, God is righteous, God does not violate the free will of mankind or angels, and God is also immutable, He does not change.

Cherub, or cherubim. The cherub ranked angels are the ones who have 4 wings, and some have 2.

Apparently now in the eternal state the seraphim has become higher, because the seraphim has glorified God against Satan who was once the highest ranking angel of all.

You can have a resurrection body, or you can have a resurrection body with a uniform of glory over it as well.

You can have a resurrection body or you can have that new name, Rev 2, that takes you to the Paradise Club.

We have the seraphim, the cherubim, and then the third category, wingless angels.

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