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Another passage where an unbeliever has more character and integrity than a believer.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Jacob practiced a deception on his generous brother in order to get rid of him by promising what he never meant to fulfill, to visit him at Seir.

The next failure was in the deceitfulness to which Jacob resorted, to free himself from Esaus company.

Do not think for a moment that Jacob really meant to go to Seir; for as soon as he had seen the rear of Esaus retiring forces, he journeyed in the contrary direction to Succoth.

Turn to 1CO 13:4

Jacob politely refuses to travel with Esau, but he does say that he will follow at a slower pace behind him until he meets him in Seir.

Jacob, contrary to his word, moves westward toward the Jordan Valley and stops at Succoth.

1. Esau kindly accepted the presents of Jacob to make Jacob feel better about his wronging Esau.

2. Esau graciously received the wives and children of Jacob.

3. Esau goes on the way before Jacob to make the way clear.

4. Esau acts as his brothers guide and vanguard.

5. Esau shows his forgiveness by deeds as well as by words.

Succoth was a backward step, spiritually as well as geographically.

Turn to GEN 31:13

He did worse there; he pitched his tent before the city, as Lot did, when he pitched his tent before Sodom.

Shechem was in the land of Canaan which God promised to Jacob.

The very next word Jacob received from the Lord, concerned the “altar” and insinuated that God was not pleased with the altar he had erected in Succoth.

GEN 34:1 - his daughter got involved with the world.

GEN 34:2 - she was raped.

GEN 34:7 - his sons found out and vowed revenge.

GEN 34:13 - his sons use deceit on the people of Shechem.

GEN 34:25 - his sons killed every male and committed murder.

GEN 34:27 - Jacobs sons unjustly and unfairly came upon the slain and looted the city.

GEN 34:28 they stole their flocks and their herds and their donkeys, and that which was in the city and that which was in the field.

GEN 34:29 they captured and looted all their wealth and all their little ones and their wives and all that was in the houses.

GEN 35:1-3 - God tells Jacob to go to Bethel and he does.

GEN 35:5 As they journeyed, there was a great terror upon the cities which were around them, and they did not pursue Jacob.

GEN 35:7 - Jacob builds an altar in Bethel and begins to worship God properly and in the right geographical location.

GEN 35:9 - God appears to Jacob and reminds him of his new name Israel and of the Abrahamic covenant.

GEN 35:16-19 - Rachel gives birth to Benjamin but dies in doing so.

GEN 35:28-29 - Jacobs father Isaac died and Jacob and Esau buried their father.

GEN 37:3 - Israels favorite son was Joseph; he loved Joseph more than all his sons.

GEN 37:4 all of his other sons hated Joseph because their father loved him more than all his brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms.

GEN 37:27 - they threw their brother Joseph into a pit and then sold him into slavery.

GEN 37:32 - all the sons deceived Jacob into thinking that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

GEN 42:1 - there was a famine in the land so Jacob found out that there was grain in Egypt and so he sent his sons down there to buy some grain.

GEN 45:9 - God had blessed Joseph and he was in charge of all of Egypt and he revealed himself to his brothers and sent for his father to come down to Egypt.

GEN 46:2-4 - God spoke to Israel in visions of the night and reaffirmed the Abrahamic covenant and told him to go down to Egypt.

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