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There is an appointed time for everything…a time for every event under heaven.

Friday, July 11, 2003

No one is going to take you out of this world, until God permits it.

“The woman” – he gune – h& gunhV = true Israel, or born-again believers. This is a reference to Jewish believers facing the greatest of all holocaust situations in the Tribulation.

It is referring to the Jewish believer of the first half of the Tribulation who was given a command, a command to flee.

Those who are saved in the second half of the Tribulation, before the Second Advent, are given a different command, and that is to fight.

4.00 a day
times 7 = ,048.00 a week.

Times 52 =
$ 314,496.00 for the year.

Turn to EPH 5:14

The mature believer regards every day alike, ROM 14:5-6.

God gives antithetical commands to believers in the same decade.

The Philosopher William James said, “The great use for one’s life is to spend it for something that will outlast it!”

Plant – nata = to plant, to work, to invest.

If you do not look at life from the divine viewpoint and you just look at it like life “under the sun” time is meaningless even when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Uproot – aqar = to root up, to destroy, to exterminate.

Before you can replant after your crop grows you must destroy the old to make room for the new.

There could be a time in your life for you to uproot or destroy or to exterminate that which you have been planting.

Do not try to hold on to something that God has taken away.

Kill – harag = to kill the enemy in battle or to execute the criminal.

Violence can be right or it can be wrong, and God gives antithetical commands to believers to tell them when it is right or wrong.

Heal – rapha = to heal; to bind up wounds, to heal medically, physically, to restore life; to save life; to mend or repair; reconcile.

A time to tear down – paratz = to demolish, or to break away.

Banah = construction of something wonderful, something great; to repair something.

To weep – bakah = legitimate weeping, not operation cry baby or the tears of bitterness, but an expression of emotion.

Laugh – Sachaq = legitimate humor because of relaxation not laughing at foolishness or to hurt someone or to make fun of them and mock them.

C.S. Lewis – “Pain is God’s megaphone. He whispers to us in our pleasures but He shouts to us in our pain.”

To throw stones – hiphil stem – shalak = causative active voice; to be caused to throw stones.

To gather – kanac = to collect materials for building; to collect stones for construction, or to clear a field for plowing, or to prepare the military with weaponry.

When God gives you rest and peace from problems and difficulties, whether it is to your nation collectively or you individually, it is time to build and prosper, 2CH 14:7.

If it is not literal war, it is the spiritual warfare of EPH 6:12.

Knowing when to be constructive and knowing when to be destructive takes greater wisdom than any of us really have.

A time to embrace –
kal infinitive construct – chabaq = the love affair and sex with your mate.

God has given certain times for this; HEB 13:4-5 – with doctrine in the soul, and personal love and a R.M.A., it can make sex a fantastic experience of unselfishness.

To shun – kal infinitive construct – rachaq = to be far away from embracing; there are times we should not even think about the opposite sex so we can concentrate on what we are doing.

The time to refrain from embracing means you give your soul an opportunity for other things that will also be wonderful and stimulating in your life.

A time to search – piel infinitive construct – baqash = to seek after, to strive after, to try to gain, and in the piel stem it means to be aggressive.

To give up as lost –
piel infinitive construct – abad = to give up.

Under grace even when we lose we can gain,
DEU 23:5, GEN 50:20.

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