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Arizona Conference 2005. The Church at Thyatira, Part 4.

Saturday PM, January 22, 2005

It is the name for the highest decoration to the mature believer with maximum impact.

TLJC won the strategic or the significant victory on the cross.
We have the privilege of winning the tactical victory by advancing to spiritual maturity.

In His strategic and tactical victory, our Lord Jesus Christ is called the morning star.

NUM 24:17 I see Him [TLJC], but not now,I behold Him, but not near,

A star shall come forth from Jacob, And a scepter, shall rise from Israel,

REV 22:16 I, Jesus have sent my angel to testify these things to you, for the churches, I am the root, [Jesus Christ as God, the one who created the universe], I am the offspring of David [First Advent], the bright and morning star, [Second Advent],

MAT 17:2 And He was transfigured before them; and His face shone like the sun, and His garments became as white as light.

This doctrine is not a reality today on the basis of empirical knowledge, but on the basis of the fact that it stands written forever in the Word.

You may experience something; however, if what you experience does not line up biblically with the Word of God, your experience, though real, is wrong.

If you decide that reality is found in the word of God, then it is inevitable that you must make Bible doctrine your number 1 priority.

If your reality is a man or woman, then you make them your number 1 priority.

If you find reality in Bible doctrine then you will turn out to be a great lover and a very wonderful and thoughtful person.

The depository, our Lord Jesus Christ, will be providing for you the most fantastic blessings.

Reality is found in the doctrine of the word of God not in empiricism or experience.

Empirical phenomena is what you see, feel, taste, touch, and hear.

Peter, even though he has experienced a glimpse of the Second Coming will emphasize “doctrine over experience.”

What was more real to Peter? Seeing Christ as He would appear at the Second Advent and hearing the voice of God the Father, or Bible doctrine metabolized about the subject?

Reality can only be determined by what is taught in the word of God.

The prophetic word made sure is having a more reliable doctrine than even what he saw by experience at the Mount of Transfiguration.

That is a doctrine, which is more reliable because it is in the word, more reliable than the empiricism of Peter, James and John on the Mount of Transfiguration.

We keep on having a more reliable, prophetic doctrine.”

To which you do well = with reference to which doctrine you perform honorably by paying attention to it.

This is a reference to the uniform of honor worn by winners in time – invisible, since it is a uniform of the soul.

The uniform of honor worn by winners in time is the result of fulfilling motivating virtue and functional virtue inside the PPOG.

By habitually concentrating in your right lobe on the lamp shining in a dark place.

JOH 8:12I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

Even though Satan is the ruler of this world, the lamp shining in the dark place is Christ controlling history.

The Second Advent of Christ – when the morning star, our Lord Jesus Christ, has come.
In the strategic victory of the First Advent, and in the tactical victory of the Second Advent, our Lord is called the morning star.

Christ is the morning star, and the uniform of glory is the translucent robe, a robe of light, which He wears over His resurrection body.

Even before our Lord received the resurrection body, the uniform of glory, to be contrasted with a uniform of honor in time, the uniform of glory in eternity was modeled for Peter, James and John on the Mount of Transfiguration.

It is the uniform of glory – first seen, first displayed, first modeled on the Mount of Transfiguration, and now in the humanity of Christ, constantly worn.

All Church-age believers return with Christ at the Second Advent, winners and losers –
1TH 3:13 At the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, with all His saints,

COL 3:4 When Christ, who is our life, is revealed [Second-Advent], you also [winners of the morning star, believers who advance to maturity and also wear in the future the uniform of glory], you also shall become manifest with Him.

Those believers who receive the order of the morning star will also be involved in operation footstool, and our Lord’s triumphal procession.

After AD 70 of the Church-age, Israel no longer functions as a client nation.

From 70 AD, we have the times of the Gentiles, only a Gentile nation can function as a client nation to God.

In 70 AD, the first one was SPQR, the senate and people of Rome, today in 2005, it is USA.

Then comes the Rapture, the end of the Church-age.

There will be no client nations during the Tribulation period that follows, instead 144,000 individual Jewish evangelists will take the place, Jewish evangelists and Bible teachers will take the place of a client nation.

Then comes the Second Advent, Christ returns, winners return with Him in the uniform of glory, and at that time there will be a coronation, and Satan will be set aside.

Then there will be a triumphal procession, operation footstool and the winners will be involved in that as well.

PSA 110:1 The Lord, God the Father, has said to my Lord, God the Son,

sit down at my right hand,

until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet,

Operation footstool begins at the Second Advent, and includes the termination of all war,

the baptism of fire, which separates believer from unbeliever,

Satan losers the rulership of planet earth, both Satan and all fallen angels will be incarcerated for 1000 years, to make room for perfect environment in the Millennium.

The importance of PSA 110:1 is noted from the numerous quotations in the New Testament – MAT 24:22, Mark 12:36, Luke 20:43,Acts 2:35, HEB 1:13, HEB 10:13.

Our Lord’s triumphal procession relates to His victory over two categories of His enemies, angelic and human.

In the Roman triumphal procession, the prisoners and the booty always came first. The spiritual analogy – the prisoners in our Lord’s triumphal procession include Satan and all the fallen angels.

Next in the procession comes the triumphant General, a council, a tribune, later on a ruler, a Caesar, our Lord Jesus Christ comes in the triumphal process.

Then follows the army, the Royal Family of God, Church-age believers in resurrection bodies, losers are just there, winners wear the order of the morning star on the uniform of glory.

In the triumphal procession of the Second Advent, all the demons who serve under Satan are disarmed for public exhibition, COL 2:15.

COL 2:15 And having disarmed demon archons, that is demon generals, and demon commissioned officers, He, Christ at the Second-Advent, made a public display of them, having celebrated a triumphal procession over them, by means of it.

Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD!

The scene of the cross is a stark contrast to the scenes that pastor has been painting in our souls about the Order of the Morning Star

We cannot forget the Man who died there so we might live fully.

In time, it means to esteem His Word as more important than our daily food.

In the eternal state, living fully means having the privileges that come from rank.

He took on for Himself the garden of Gethsemane.

He took on the crown of thorns.

He was thirsty. It was by His wounds that we have been healed.

He took on insults and spitting and ridicule in public hearing.

He took on being stripped of His garments.

He took on being despised and forsaken of men.

Tonight He is that morning star in our heart.

Our evidence or down payment on the sure hope within us is the prophetic word made sure, the doctrines in our souls.

The amazing plan of God for the human race moves to greater and greater intimacy.

We are inside the Body of Christ. Christ is inside our human body.

It is for those who through thick and thing, through good times and bad times, in periods of prosperity, in periods of disaster, did not give up on doctrine

The three witnesses are the Groom, the Bride, and marriage!

Matt 26:29 “But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s Kingdom.”

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