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Why do bad things happen to good people?

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Job 1 - four great disasters in which Job has lost something: his children, his work-force, his friends, and his wealth.

Any believer who reaches spiritual maturity is qualified to be presented as a witness for the prosecution.

Neither his personal love for God nor Jobs integrity has been defeated by Satans cross examination.

Chapter 2 - Satan does not admit that he was wrong about Job.

Satans blind arrogance has led him to the conclusion that he not only knows better, but is better.

DEU 21:18-20; DEU 31:27 - being stubborn is always accompanied by rebellion and disrespect for authority.

NEH 9:29 - stubbornness is manifested by refusal to hear and obey the word of God.

PSA 78:8 - stubbornness and rebellion is revealed by the believers unfaithfulness to Gods calling upon their life.

PSA 81:12 - stubbornness is exposed when believers walk in their own devices.

JER 3:17 - stubbornness is always accompanied by an evil heart.

JER 5:23 - a stubborn and rebellious heart turns aside and departs from the plan of God.

JER 6:28 - a stubborn rebellious person goes about as a talebearer, gossiper, maligner.

JER 7:24 - a stubborn person walks in their own counsels and goes backward into reversionism and not forward.

ROM 2:5 - stubbornness is manifested by an unrepentant heart.

Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance.

Satan is saying that the first test did not include loss of health, and if God would just take away his health that Job would collapse and fail.

There is no one who is more inconsistent in his thinking than the super-genius of all time, Satan.

In this second test, Satan was able to inflict upon Job loss of health but he was not allowed the power to take his life.

Satan is the source of certain diseases, JOB 2:6-8; MAT 12:22 cf LUK 13:16, ACT 10:38.

“Present” - jatsab = to take ones stand or to set oneself against another, to oppose.

“Without cause” = without any reason. In evidence testing and suffering for blessing, there is no reason for it.

This is evidence testing and suffering for blessing for no reason except the glorification of God - the main reason why we are here.

“Skin for skin” - an idiom that comes from the Archaic Hebrew = Job is down to his skin, that is all he has left - his body, his health.

When a believer has the doctrine and has attained what Job has attained, that believer has what it takes to handle and pass the test.

Whenever there is any physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, and loss of health, Bible doctrine in the soul is far far greater.

One of the greatest moments of spirituality in all of human history was when Job felt so bad, emotionally and physically.

Bible doctrine that you have accumulated in your soul, metabolized doctrine, is far greater than any adversity of life.

The comforting thing is this, we may not be able to handle this now, but when you can handle it you will have the experience.

Not only is he in pain but he is also socially ostracized.

What brings out the best in Job brings out the worst in his wife!

Manhood is not muscle and macho, manhood is integrity!

He is going to accept this as a gift from God just as he accepted all the prosperity - that is a great man!

JOB 42:10 The Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the Lord increased all that Job had twofold.

Robert R. McLaughlin All Rights Reserved 2002

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