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The basis for victory over Satan during the time of his desperation.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

At the Second Advent, he will be thrown into a compartment in Hades called the Abyss, and then after 1,000 years he will return to the surface of the earth for the Gog Revolution and then he will be cast into the lake of fire forever, REV 20:10.

Satan’s throne on earth is found in REV 2:13.

We have the intensification of his persecution, which prepares us to understand the greatest Holocaust of all time and how the Jews will be persecuted during the last half of the Tribulation.

Even in the worst of historical disasters, people can make decisions from a position of strength, and find great, great happiness.

1. The positive decision to believe in Christ for eternal salvation.

2. The many decisions from a position of strength after salvation through perception and application of doctrine.

3. The personal sense of destiny, which makes doctrine more important than life itself.

1. Blood – dealt with their sin.
2. Word of God.
3. They did not love their life.

Blood = salvation, phase 1.
The word = executing the plan of God, phase 2.
They did not love their life even to death = their persecution and pressure, which jeopardizes life, – the principles of death and phase 3, living for eternity.

The first has to do with eternal salvation and the doctrines related to Soteriology, indicated by the phrase “the blood of the lamb.”

Secondly, there is the application of Bible doctrine to experience.

Thirdly, they had absolutely no fear of death and lived therefore in light of eternal values rather than temporal.

After eternal salvation through faith in Christ, the next step in preparation for death is the daily perception of doctrine.

It is knowing these things, and applying these things that really counts.
“The coward dies many times, the brave man dies but once.” – Shakespeare

The two go together, living and dying are really a part of the same package, REV 12:11.

The blessings that are promised to believers who advance to spiritual maturity, belong to the individual believer in time of historical adversity, as well as in time of historical prosperity.

He builds up a file, an hamartiology file, and he takes that file to heaven and he slanders us in the court of heaven.

He not only attacks us through the cosmic system on earth then, but he attacks us behind our back in the court of heaven.

The one option left is the persecution of believers on planet earth.

No matter how intense the persecution of the Tribulational believer is, there are many winners against Satan because doctrine is greater than any adversity Satan and this life has to offer.

1. The positive decision to believe in Christ for eternal salvation.
2. The many decisions from a position of strength, after salvation.
3. The personal sense of destiny, which makes Bible doctrine more important than life itself.

The essence of God rationale, the plan of God rationale, the imputation of God rationale, the logistical grace rationale, and many other rationales; there is even a divine computerized rationale.

The first great decision we make in this life with regard to anything spiritual, is the decision to personally believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Overcame – aor-act-ind – enikesan – ejnivkhsan = for overcoming, to win a victory.

Dia + accusative singular noun haima –
diaV + ai%ma = through the blood.

Subjective genitive – arniou – ajrnivou = lamb, one of the titles for our Lord Jesus Christ in His saving work.

There is His physical death, and there is His spiritual death.

The literal blood of Christ has tremendous value because His blood was minus the OSN as a result of the virgin birth.

What gives His blood value is not that there is something mystical in it or a magic potion mixed in it, but the fact that from His own volition He chose not to sin.

ISA 53:10 “He offered up His soul an offering for sin.”

1. Propitiation – He satisfied God the Father, ROM 3:25.

2. Secondly, God the Father imputed our sins to Him and He solved the sin problem – redemption, EPH 1:7,COL 1:14.

3. The barrier between God and man or the door of the slave market is now open and we walk out by faith in Christ – reconciliation directed toward man, COL 1:20.

The blood of TLJC points to these three aspects of salvation:

PSA 22:16 They pierced my hands and my feet.

Although his literal blood was minus the OSN, when His blood is mentioned in scripture it refers to the saving work of TLJC.

Human life was imputed to that soul not to our blood.

2CO 5:8 we are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.

It is the human soul and human spirit that depart and where the real person is.

In the Old Testament, they did not put an animal on the altar and for three hours leave it in darkness so it could go through spiritual death.

1. Gen 4 – the account of Abel and his lamb, and emphasis is upon the necessity of the Lamb.
2. Gen 22 – the incident in which Abraham offers the lamb in place of Isaac.
3. Exo 12 – the passover lamb which was slain on the night before the Exodus, the Jewish fourth of July for the Jews when they were freed from Egypt.

4. Lev 16 – Leviticus is filled with instructions about the sacrifices – all the way through the book of Leviticus, the emphasis is upon the character of the lamb.
5. ISA 53:6-8.
6. JOH 1:29 – the lamb is identified as the Lord Jesus Christ.

7. Acts 8 – Philip explained to the Ethiopian that the Lamb of God is Jesus Christ and the Lamb is further identified as the promised Christ, the Son of God.
8. 1PE 1:18-21 – the resurrection of the slain lamb, something never disclosed in O.T. times.
9. Rev 5 – the lamb is now on the throne of heaven which is the very throne of the universe.

10. REV 21:22 – the final picture of the Lamb is that of His everlasting kingship.

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