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The believers responsibility part 2.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you live in a certain way because you have already been set right or because you are trying to be set right?

All the doctrines of the word of God must be built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ in our human spirit - edification complex of the soul.

The doctrines in the edification complex of our soul must be applied to all categories of testing and suffering.

The Christian way of life is not overt “stuff”; rather it is the thought content of the soul. Often times the building of the right thought content is manifest on the back of suffering, both deserved and undeserved.

Without the filling of the Spirit, the truths of the word of God go unknown by the believer and the Bible becomes a list of isolated ideas that have no connection to one another.

The HS is your true teacher and you only learn through revelation through Him.

1 Co 2:10 For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

By means of the grace apparatus for perception, the heart of the believer is transformed into the image of Christ and thereby glorifies God in time.

Carl Von Clausewitz “Every special calling of life requires special qualities of intellect and temperament. And when these are of a high order and manifest themselves in extraordinary achievements, the mind to which they belong is classified as a genius, a superior mental capacity for certain activities.”

“The essence of military genius is to bring under consideration all the tendencies of mind and soul in combination toward the business of war. We say “in combination;” for military genius is not just one single quality bearing on war as for instance courage, but it is the harmonious combination of powers, in which one or the other may predominate, but none is in opposition.”

This is what the combination of the three spiritual skills do to make you more than a genius, but give you divine viewpoint.

Three spiritual skills:
1) the filling of the HS,
2) metabolization of Bible doctrine,
3) execution of the PPOG.

1. Knowing the angelic conflict.
2. Knowing the glorification of God.
3. Knowing no man after the flesh.
4. Others
5. Bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

There is only one Christian church, not many parts, just like there is one plan that is the sum of its parts in a seamless whole.

PRO 23:23 Buy truth, and do not sell it,
Get wisdom and instruction and understanding.

There are seven ministries of the HS to the believer.
Efficacious grace
Distribution of spiritual gifts

1. The righteousness of God in the believer.

Is the perfect righteousness of God (+R) in the believer the absence of sin? No, therefore +R is positive addition.

2 Cor 5:21
He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Righteousness is not the result of giving up or removing something. Righteousness is a gift and therefore it is a positive addition to the believer’s soul.

However, from the moment of physical birth +R does not exist in any member of the human race.

ROM 3:10 There is none righteous, not even one;

You were made +R at the moment of salvation. Now the question begs, how do you live in that +R after salvation in time?

The believer is commanded to live and experience the righteousness of God in his life.

After salvation there is a pursuit and a practice of +R, not to gain it again or maintain it, but to exercise the +R that is already in the believer.

The believer received the +R of God through faith in Christ the living word. The believer experiences that +R in time through faith in the written word under the power of the filling of the HS.

COL 2:6 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,

You are a Christian because you are rightly related to Christ and you are spiritual when you are rightly related to the Spirit. Both depend on believing something.

Walking in the light is not sinlessness; rather it is having confession of sin at the ready whenever a transgression is committed.

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