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What does the Bible have to say about free-choice? Part 33.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Because of the existence of the free will in the human race the angelic conflict is perpetuated in two areas: A. Evangelism.

B. The PPOG for the Church-age.

Through rejection of Christ or the plan of God, mankind chooses the plan of Satan, which runs the range from religion to legalism, socialism, all forms of arrogance, emotionalism, atheism or any other form of independence from God.

Because of the extension of the angelic conflict into human history, the sovereignty of God and the free will of man coexist by divine decree.

The sovereignty of God makes the decision and the omnipotence of God provides the fantastic power for us to accept or reject it.

Whether we are positive toward Christ and the PPOG or not, no matter how we fail or suffer, there is no way we can hinder the glory of God.

Freedom guarantees inequality.

Some people use their freedom to succeed in Gods plan by using divine power and living a spiritual life; some choose to use human power and live independently from God.

1. Phase one - salvation. In choosing the plan of God at salvation through faith in Christ, regenerate mankind becomes positionally superior to angels through the baptism of the H.S. and resultant positional sanctification,HEB 1:1-14.

2. Phase two - the believer in time, experiential sanctification - eusebeia - godliness = the unique spiritual life.

You can put another nail in Satans coffin now by being positionally superior to angels, and by living in your very own predesigned plan, you can be superior to angels experientially.

3. Phase three - the believer in eternity. At the resurrection of the Royal Family of God, believers become physically superior to all angelic creatures through the possession of a resurrection body.

For seven years, during the Tribulation until the Second advent, Church-age believers in resurrection bodies are a demonstration to demons that their position was totally wrong and that Gods judgment of them is totally right.

If we were given physical superiority now in time, there would be no contest in the angelic conflict; for we must be an inferior but rational form of creation to resolve the angelic conflict.

Judge - fut-act-ind - krino = to make decisions for, conclude, approve, decree, rule, govern, preside over with the power of giving judicial decisions.

There is no difference between the heir and the slave because the heir has not recognized all the assets that belong to him.

Even though the heir has in his portfolio of invisible assets great wealth, he does not act any different than a slave because he does not know, recognize, appreciate, or utilize those assets!

Before born again believers reach spiritual adulthood and understand the divine solutions, they act exactly like unbelievers.

There is no difference between a carnal believer in his walk or his conduct of life and an unbeliever when you are not cognizant of divine solutions which are at your disposal.

Robert R. McLaughlin All Rights Reserved 2002

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