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Robert R. McLaughlin
April 27, 2018

Point 4.  The Biblical Principle of Universal Military Training.


All Jewish men were commanded to join the Israeli military and serve their nation.


Look at our Lord’s attitude toward the depraved Babylonians and killing their children in war; Psa 137:8-9.


God’s people are said to be happy in verse 8 if they repay  their enemies back for what they have done to them with the same type of recompense they used in the battles.


MAT 5:38   “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’


DEU 19:19  then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother. Thus you shall purge the evil from among you.


This is divine retribution and reaping what one sows; Lev 24:18.


Even the animal kingdom is affected by this law of life for life, tooth for tooth, Lev 24:18-22.


This rule is so dogmatic about what should be done when crimes are committed, Lev 24:20.


The Lord has been emphasizing certain principles concerning war such as let those who desire peace prepare for war.


The courage of a soldier is heightened and enlightened by his knowledge of his profession or his role as a soldier.


Without these, what chance would the inconsiderable numbers of the Roman armies have had against the multitudes of the enemies they faced?


A courageous soldier consults with other leaders and soldiers on the appropriate measures to be taken on the battlefield.


Good leadership, whether it is in on the battlefield or not,  communicates the plans you intend to put in execution to a few but eventually one must trust no one except oneself.


It is the nature of war that what is beneficial to you is detrimental to the enemy and what is of service to him always hurts you.


2SA 22:35  “He trains my hands for battle, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”


Draft dodgers, slackers, and deserters are sinful before the Lord, Num 32:6-23.


Ten spies came back with a negative report saying that they are not able to defeat the giants.


the negative reports of the 10 spies got the best of MOST of them because they thought they would not be able to defeat the giants in the land…..and they were spreading all that  negativity among the people.


“Let us settle for something less than the promise land that the Lord had promised.”


2SA 11:1, Then it happened in the spring, at the time when kings go out to battle, that David sent Joab and his servants with him and all Israel, and they destroyed the sons of Ammon and besieged Rabbah. But David stayed at Jerusalem.

PRO 19:15  “Laziness casts into a deep sleep, And an idle man will suffer hunger.”


They did not guard their steps went they went into to the house of God, and they offered the sacrifice of fools for they do not know they are doing evil, Ecc 5:1.


In ECC 5:4, they were the kind of believers who would make a vow to God and then are late in fulfilling to pay it and do not realize that God takes no delight in fools. They should pay what they vow!


In LUK 14:18 “They have bought a piece of land and they need to go out and take care of it so they want to be excused.”

In LUK 14:19 “They have bought five yoke of oxen, and they I am going to try them out; so they want an excuse to quit.”


In LUK 14:20 “They have married a wife, and for that reason they cannot come.”


This is when 10 of those spies came back and reported to Moses that they would not be able to take over the promise land because of the presence of giants in the land.


Our Lord’s attitude toward the draft dodgers, the slackers, and deserters are said to be sinful before the Lord, Num 32:6-23.


Just warfare is always from the Lord, 1Ch 5:19‑22,  for many fell slain, because the war was of God.


God has ordained the principle of peace through military victory and war and a strong military is a manifestation of how He does it.


In Psa 46:7-9, it teaches that “He makes wars to cease” through military victory, if that is what He wills or desires.

He protects a righteous nation, Psa 55:20‑23.


REV 12:10  And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now deliverance [Second advent], and the power, [Jesus Christ in hypostatic union, undiminished deity, true humanity in one person forever]


and the kingdom of our God [the Father’s plan for the Millennial reign of our Lord Jesus Christ] and the authority of His Christ have come,


“for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them before our God day and night.”


Why will it be possible to have perfect environment in the future Millennial reign of Christ?


The “accuser of our brethren” has been thrown down, who accuses them before our God day and night.


When you can get rid of the accusers in your life, or those who constantly make accusations against you and-or others, it is inevitable that even your environment improves.


The “terrible consequences” usually take place within the society that is breaking down within.


Failure to fight for freedom means slavery.


Social degeneration is always characterized by disdain of the military and police.


God uses the military to demonstrate the degeneracy and decline of a nation.


True courage is also intensified by thoroughness of training.


Killing is legitimate when we are at war, whereas murder is taking a life and violating another’s free will.


The concept of Christ as a warrior will continue until the Armageddon campaign, says Zec 14:3‑4.


Under this point of the military image of Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ also delivered Israel, and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in 701 B.C., Isa 37:36.


Isa 37:36   Then the angel of the Lord [Theophany] went out, and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when men arose early in the morning, behold, all of these were dead.


At Armageddon, in Rev 19:11‑15, He will break His own record, according to Rev 14:19‑20; Isa 63:1‑3.


This is the War of Armageddon, one of our Lord’s final wars before eternity begins with a new heaven and a new earth as the final goal.


At this time there will be maximum slaughter by TLJC, Joel 2:20; Eze 39:11‑13 describes the stench.


Joel 2:20 “But I will remove the northern {army} far from you, and I will drive it into a parched and desolate land, and its stench will arise and its foul smell will come up.


Our Lord is a warrior and uses legitimate force rather than violence, which is evil.


There must exist in the national entity a capable professional staff of high ranking officers whose life is devoted to preparing and planning for war.


Luke 14:31 teaches that every nation should have a core of professional military officers and non-commissioned officers who plan and prepare for war.


Luk 14:31 “What king or ruler of a nation, when he advances to meet another king in battle, will not first sit down and take counsel whether he is strong enough with 10,000 men to attack the one coming against him with 20,000 men?.”


True motivation for military training comes from God Himself.

Psa 144:1 “Blessed be the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war and my finger for battle.”


Military training is useless and neutralized when men of a nation are apostate, degenerate, full of emotional revolt and scar tissue of the soul, anti-establishment, addicted to drugs, and antagonistic to authority.


Universal military training gives you a scale of values you’ll never have in any other way.  It prepares you for life.

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