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How to be a blessing to everyone who is who is related to you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

He is great as a father of us all, GAL 3:7, as the pattern for “faith alone in Christ alone,” but as a father to a son, Abraham never exercised any discipline over Ishmael, GAL 3:7.

She was not his wife; she was his `ishaah, his woman. Sarai was his `eeshet, his wife.



His older son abused his younger son, Isaac, who was the true heir and the perpetuation of the Jewish race.

Took - Qal imperfect - laqach = whether Ishmael wanted to be circumcised or not, he was.

Since Ishmael is not a part of the Abrahamic covenant, Abraham still circumcised Ishmael at age 13, with compliance with divine instruction.

From Ishmael will come those who will almost conquer the world.

From Ishmael will come some of the wisest and greatest rulers in all of history.

1) The instantaneous adjustment to the justice of God at the point of salvation.

2) The continual instantaneous adjustment to the justice of God through the rebound technique.

3) Doctrine today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next - positive volition going on and on and on.

Here is one of the greatest things that can ever be said for a man who is a spiritual giant; he was a blessing to everyone who was ever related to him in any way.

Ishmaels circumcision stands for the grace principle of blessing by association.

1. The circumcision of the slaves indicates the principle of blessing by association.

2. God does not provide equality for happiness in blessing.

3. In the case of these slaves, happiness comes to them from blessing by association and security.

4. Better to be a slave in the household of Abraham, than to be a king of a reversionistic and evil nation.

5. Neither equality nor freedom can provide happiness for the individual.

6. Many times, the happy people are the people who are under the one who is promoted and does a good job.

Every male among the men of Abrahams house = kaal zaakaar.

There are other words for the male and for man, such as `adam or ish.

These words are not used because zaakaar is taken from the verb zakear = to remember; a memorial.

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