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Califonia Conference 2005. The Church at Sardis, Part 2.

Tuesday PM, September 13, 2005

Coming like a thief does not imply coming secretly as in modern times; it implies rather suddenness, surprise.

Part of divine discipline is that you are surprised by it and the suddenness of it.

It always seems to surprise the believer and the believer often rationalizes divine discipline into testing when it is not testing at all.

Verses 4-6 – the uniform of glory, which accompanies the decoration of the order of the morning star.

The uniform of honor, which is worn by the mature believer today, and the uniform of glory, which is a translucent light worn over the resurrection body, of those believers who receive the highest of all decorations at the judgment seat of Christ, the order of the morning star.

The Royal Family Honor Code.
Point 1. Definition and Description.

A. The Royal Family honor code is a system of spiritual integrity mandated by God and revealed in the mystery doctrine of the Church-age.

B. The Royal Family honor code relates to personal integrity on the part of believers in relationship with other persons.

The honor code includes: the filling of Spirit, doctrinal orientation, grace orientation, and a personal sense of destiny.

The believer, who through the Spirit and inculcation of doctrine, understands and develops the honor code in his life, will have spiritual self-esteem and a personal sense of destiny.

The Royal Family honor code centers around two words:
Truth and Integrity.

Integrity = adherence to spiritual, moral, and ethical principles related to truth and honesty.

Gossip, maligning, slandering is a violation of the Royal Family honor code.

TIT 3:2 No insults, no fights. God’s people should be bighearted and courteous.

As a part of the Royal Family honor code, the believer needs to understand that he is born again into a status quo of aristocracy.

Jesus Christ Himself is the basis for the fact we have an honor code and He is the prototype of putting on the uniform of honor.

Absolute truth will tolerate nothing less than the honor, integrity, and virtue that comes from the filling of the Spirit, the perception and inculcation of doctrine, and the resultant spiritual growth.

Point 2. The Application Of Bible Doctrine and The Royal Family Honor Code Begins at Spiritual Self Esteem.

A. Spiritual self-esteem is the basis for concluding everything related to integrity.
B. Spiritual self-esteem is also the basis of operations for our relationship with other people.

1. The attainment and function of spiritual self-esteem.

a. Learning, the perception and metabolization of Bible doctrine.
b. Thinking, the application of metabolized doctrine to experience.
c. Solving, understanding and using the problem-solving devices.

2. The function of the Royal Family honor code or putting on the uniform of honor.

Lack of human self-esteem can only be resolved by the attainment of spiritual self-esteem, 1CO 15:10.

With no self-esteem, whether human or spiritual, you are disoriented to life.

Without self-esteem you cannot entertain yourself or handle simple problems like loneliness and such problems related to social life.

Spiritual self-esteem is that virtue and integrity developed from living in the predesigned plan of God whereby the believer’s confidence is based on Bible doctrine which he has learned through perception, metabolization and application.

Spiritual self-esteem is never a system of self-improvement based on advice, counseling, or dependence on others.

Under spiritual self-esteem, you are free from legalistic bullying, people dependence distractions, flattery, counseling, and dependence.

Spiritual self-esteem is the declaration of independence of your royal priesthood.

Spiritual self-esteem solves the problems of inadequacy, peer pressure, role model arrogance, all the subtleties of arrogance, and fear.

Spiritual self-esteem never feels threatened by just or unjust criticism.

Spiritual self-esteem avoids withdrawal and stuffing your problems and failures into your subconscious.

Spiritual self-esteem is the status of solving the unsolvable problems and pressures of this life.

Point 3. Violations Of The Royal Family Honor Code.

PRO 6:16-19
1. Haughty eyes [arrogance],
2. A lying tongue,
3. Hands that shed innocent blood [murder],
4. A right lobe that devises evil plans [conspiracy, rejection of authority, revolution, civil disobedience],

5. Feet that run rapidly to evil [troublemakers],
6. A false witness who utters lies [slander, gossip, maligning, perjury],
7. One who spreads strife among the brethren.

2TI 2:16 But avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness,

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