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California Conference 2005. The Church at Sardis, Part 3.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The uniform of honor, worn by the mature believer today, and the uniform of glory, a translucent light worn over the resurrection body, for those believers who receive the highest of all decorations at the judgment seat of Christ, the order of the morning star.

The Royal Family Honor Code
Point 1. Definition and Description.

A. The Royal Family honor code is a system of spiritual integrity mandated by God and revealed in the mystery doctrine of the Church-age.
B. The Royal Family honor code relates to personal integrity on the part of believers in relationship with other persons.

Point 2. The Application Of Bible Doctrine and The Royal Family Honor Code Begins at Spiritual Self-Esteem.
Point 3. Violations of The Royal Family Honor Code.

PRO 6:16-19
1. Haughty eyes [arrogance],
2. A lying tongue,
3. Hands that shed innocent blood [murder],
4. A right lobe that devises evil plans [conspiracy, rejection of authority, revolution, civil disobedience],

5. Feet that run rapidly to evil [troublemakers],
6. A false witness who utters lies [slander, gossip, maligning, perjury],
7. One who spreads strife among the brethren.

Under the tyranny of the weak, everyone is weak, but under the Royal Family honor code everyone is strong.

By leaving judgment and revenge in the hands of the Lord, the believer is executing the Royal Family honor code.

First, you are disciplined for your verbal sins.
Secondly, for your mental attitude sins which motivated the verbal sin.
Thirdly, for the sins which you name in judgment or slander.

Because of false norms and standards, it is impossible for the adolescent, cosmic, apostate, or fragmented believer to evaluate himself or another with biblical accuracy.

The Royal Family honor code provides an environment for new believers to make mistakes and keep growing while they learn in the privacy of their priesthood.

The Royal Family honor code recognizes that there are strong and weak believers, and that the weak believer must be understood for what he is; and it demands more of the strong believer than the weak believer.

The strong believer must be careful not to judge weak believers who are ignorant.

The Royal Family honor code recognizes that new believers cannot operate on the same standards as those who have attained spiritual self-esteem.

The Royal Family honor code assigns additional duty to the strong believer, ROM 15:1.

The weak believer is weak because he has little understanding of doctrine, and maximum arrogance with which to form the inconsequential opinions about superficialities of life.

The more we advance, the greater the danger in adolescence of inflexibility that will cause violations of the Royal Family honor code.

This inflexibility turns us against friends and loved ones, and causes insensitivity toward others.

A. The law of liberty. 1CO 8:4, 8-9.
B. The law of love. 1CO 8:13.
C. The law of expediency. 1CO 9:16-23; 10:23.
D. The law of supreme sacrifice.

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