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Friday AM, November 10, 2006

California Conference 2006. Part 1.

Point 1. The Concept of Warfare as Taught in Scripture.

In spite of man’s efforts for peace throughout the ages, warfare will exist until the Millennium, MAT 24:4-7.

The exception to warfare will be in the Millennium, ISA 2:4.

ISA 2:4 And He will judge between the nations, And will render decisions for many peoples; And they will hammer their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, And never again will they learn war.

Man has not and will not accomplish even in the Church-age or Tribulation what only Jesus Christ can accomplish in the Millennium: perfect peace.

It is used by God to kill off the leaches of society; it is a cleansing agent, ECC 3:8; NUM 21:14.

ECC 3:8 There’s a time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace.

NUM 21:14 – the Book of the Wars of the Lord.

The misnomer or wrong application of war is the “sword” of MAT 26:52.
The sword refers to capital punishment in ROM 13:4.
GEN 9:6 is the first statement of capital punishment.

Point 2. The Concept of the Military.
Under the laws of divine establishment, all national freedom and security comes through military victory.

a. The spiritual factor of Bible doctrine in the soul, prayer, and the grace of God, NEH 4:8-9,13-15.
b. The establishment factor, NEH 4:13-15.

Failure of the military indicates lack of training, lack of self-discipline, no respect for authority, no proper motivation, courage, character, and stability of the citizens in the nation.

National integrity, sovereignty, and freedom depends on what nation wins in battle, JER 40:1.

A nation must have a spiritual incentive from Bible doctrine to fight, JER 34:7.
The book of Jeremiah teaches that Jewish military failure in 586 B.C. was attributed to the spiritual and moral decline of the people.

Point 3. The Military Image of Jesus Christ.

The Lord fought for Israel at the Red Sea, EXO 14:14.
EXO 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”

The Lord is described to Joshua as Jehovah Tsabaoth, “the Lord of the Armies,” JOS 5:13-6:2.

The concept of Christ as a warrior will continue until the Armageddon campaign, ZEC 14:3-4.
ZEC 14:3 Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle.

Jesus Christ has killed more people in battle than anyone else, ISA 37:36. He killed 185,000 Assyrians, 701 BC.

At Armageddon, REV 19:11-15, He will break His own record, REV 14:19-20; ISA 63:1-3.
REV 14:19 And the angel swung his sickle to the earth, and gathered the clusters from the vine of the earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God.
REV 14:20 And the wine press was trodden outside the city, and blood came out from the wine press, up to the horses’ bridles, for a distance of two hundred miles.

There will be maximum slaughter; Joel 2:20; EZE 39:11-13 describes the stench.
EZE 39:11 And it will come about on that day that I shall give Gog a burial ground there in Israel, the valley of those who pass by east of the sea, and it will block off the passers-by. So they will bury Gog there with all his multitude, and they will call {it} the valley of Hamon-gog.

EZE 39:12 “For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them in order to cleanse the land.”
EZE 39:13 “Even all the people of the land will bury {them;} and it will be to their renown {on} the day that I glorify Myself,” declares the Lord God.

Point 4. The Biblical Principle of Universal Military Training.

Universal military training demands total national subscription, NUM 1:2-3.

The only exception is a man who is newly married, DEU 24:5.
DEU 24:5 When a man takes a new wife, he shall not go out with the army, nor be charged with any duty; he shall be free at home one year and shall give happiness to his wife whom he has taken.

Each generation must be trained in war, JDG 3:1-2.

True motivation for military training comes from God Himself, 2SA 22:35; PSA 18:34; PSA 144:1.
2SA 22:35 “He trains my hands for battle, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”
PSA 144:1 ({A Psalm} of David.) Blessed be the Lord, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, {And} my fingers for battle;

Military training is useless and neutralized when men of a nation are apostate, reversionistic, degenerate, full of emotional revolt and scar tissue of the soul, anti-establishment, addicted to drugs, and antagonistic to authority.

Point 5. Slackers or the slothful and deserters are sinful before the Lord –
NUM 32:6,14,20,23
“Be sure your sin will find you out.”

Point 6. Warfare is from the Lord, 1CH 5:19-22.

Point 7. Peace is Maintained by Military Restraint.
Military victory produces peace, JOS 11:23.

Jesus Christ ordained the principle of peace through military victory, PSA 46:7-9. Jesus Christ controls history through warfare.

Jesus Christ protects a righteous nation, PSA 55:20-23.
God destroys nations who seek to conquer other nations, DAN 2:44; DAN 4:17.

God also uses war to discipline believers and nations who don’t mind their own business, 1PE 4:12-17.
God protects nations from crafty evil warlike nations, PSA 55:20-23.
God also scatters the nations who delight in attack and war, PSA 68:30.

Mature believers can pray for national deliverance, PSA 120:2,6-7.
God delivers from nations who talk peace but mean war, PSA 140:1-2; JER 6:13-14; JER 8:11.
Peace propaganda is used as a weapon of war, JER 6:13-14.

Point 8. The Mature Believer and Warfare.

He is courageous in battle and puts to flight the invading armies, HEB 11:33-34.

PSA 27:3 Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, In {spite of} this I shall be confident.

The mature believer is protected in combat, JOB 5:20.
JOB 5:20 “In famine He will redeem you from death, And in war from the power of the sword.”

He has leadership characteristics; e.g.,
he understands and uses self and group discipline,
has a relaxed mental attitude, common sense,
a sense of responsibility, understanding of strategy and tactics,
loyalty to those both above and below him,
poise, courtesy, good judgment, and the ability to delegate responsibility.

Point 9. Principle of Leadership in Warfare.
PRO 20:18 “With wisdom make war.”

PRO 24:1-6 – by understanding Bible doctrine you prepare yourself for war and for leadership.

Point 10. Warfare demands character, DEU 20:1-4.

Point 11. Warfare is a means of discipline, JUD 5:8; 2CH 16:6-9.

Women always suffer in war as a part of national discipline; ISA 3:16-26; JER 6:22-23.

The apostasy and degeneracy in Israel left a very small number of men who were qualified spiritually and at the same time qualified militarily to deliver the nation.

They were prepared mentally through metabolized doctrine.
301 men among the thousands of Israel were qualified to be “spiritual champions” or “invisible heroes.”

The real problem was that terrible apostasy had hit Israel.

There was moral degeneracy from legalism.
 There was immoral degeneracy which resulted from the Phallic cult and the worship of Baal.

The Phallic cult catered to the lust pattern of the OSN.
The Phallic cult promoted sexual perversion, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, and fornication.

Immorality, LEV 18:3-5.
Human sacrifice, LEV 20:1-5.
Demonism, LEV 20:6.
Rejection of authority, LEV 20:9.
Degeneracy, LEV 20:10-23.
Bestiality and incest, LEV 20:14-21.

There was another group who reacted to this immoral degeneracy with moral degeneracy, and the moral degeneracy groups were legalistic.

In the previous chapter in verse 31, there were 40 years of peace because Barak and Deborah were spiritual winners or spiritual champions.

The nation Israel is a photograph of the individual believer’s soul today.
A lot of believers today without spiritual growth simply cannot handle prosperity.

Past victory is no guarantee of future victory.

Abraham won a great victory over Chedorlaomer in Gen 14 and then he resisted the temptation of the king of Sodom in dividing up the spoils.
However, immediately after that he went into Hagar’s tent, bringing out the fact that great victory in the spiritual life can also be followed by some kind of decline or great failure.

Joseph won a great victory in the palace of Potiphar.
Then he went down to defeat in the dungeon of the Pharaoh.

David won a great victory over Goliath, but he went down to defeat by lying to the high priest at Nob and acting crazy in the city of the Philistines.

Elijah won a great victory on Mount Carmel, but then he ran away under self pity under the juniper tree.

A great victory sometimes leads to vulnerability to great failure which follows.

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