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You can have every talent and ability that is desirable among human creatures and still be a total failure.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

When there is frustration and anger, arrogance intensifies.

Aor-pass-ind – orgizo = rage, or anger.

Aorist tense = constantive viewing the action of the verb as being totally completed – a rage that results from frustrated arrogance.

Frustrated arrogance is motivation for a great percentage of the evils in the world, not just sin, but sin combined into some form of evil.

Passive voice – orgizo = Satan receives the action of the verb from his frustrated arrogance. He has intense anger, resentment, animosity, wrathful indignation – an angelic tantrum.

You can have every talent, every ability, every type of mentality and beauty that is desirable among human creatures and still be a total failure. Reason: arrogance.

Here we have the greatest creature that ever came from the hand of God throwing a tantrum in the middle of the Tribulation.

Indicative mood – orgizo, rage or anger – declarative for the reality of Satan’s extreme anger, directed at Israel.

“With the woman” – prepositional phrase epi + locative of gune = being frustrated with a woman; the woman, or Israel.

The arrogant person, when he attacks someone else and does not succeed in his attack, then he becomes perpetually resentful toward that person.

Satan is changed by his own arrogance and now he blames Israel for his problems.

Frustrated arrogance produces anger, rage, which in turn becomes the motivation for every form of evil and revenge.

Satan failed and now he hates the Jew and he blames the Jew for all of his problems.

When there is arrogance, and arrogance is frustrated, then there is also some form of neurosis, or psychosis.

Once you are in a state of arrogance, and that state of arrogance is frustrated, by some relation with someone, and you become angry or enraged, this becomes motivation for a lifetime of vengeful activity.

When people become very petty, very vindictive, they become conspiratorial in their animosity toward others because they are rejected, and in their arrogance, they feel as though they should not be rejected.

Aor-act-inf -poieo = to produce something, to make something; he went off to make war, to cause trouble, hostility, and conflict.

Preposition meta + genitive of adjective loipos = “with the rest.”

Offspring – possessive genitive singular – sperma = the Jews, the survivors of the Tribulation period. Sperma = “seed” – posterity.

By this time the remnant of Jews who had survived were mostly believers in the Lord Jesus Christ – loipos = remnant, survivors.

Some Jewish unbelievers were still alive to be dealt with at the baptism of fire, where Jewish unbelievers will be identified with fire or cast into the lake of fire forever and ever,
ISA 1:25-27, EZE 20:34-38,
MAL 3:1-6; MAL 4:1-2.

The baptism of fire is defined as the judgment of the Tribulational unbelievers at the Second Advent.

Both Jews and Gentiles who are Tribulational unbelievers are involved in this Second Advent judgment.

This judgment results in the Millennium beginning with believers only, MAT 3:11-12;
LUK 3:16.

The time of the baptism of fire is at the Second Advent, 2TH 1:7-9;
MAT 3:11-2.

The wheat and the tares, MAT 13:24-30, 36-40.

The good and bad fish, MAT 13:47-50.

The ten virgins,
MAT 25:1-13.

The talent test, MAT 25:14-30.

The baptism of fire is necessary for the beginning of a new civilization in the Millennium.

Four civilizations: antediluvian, postdiluvian, Millennium,
and eternity.

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