Guest Speaker: Pastor Joe Sugrue
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1PE 4:13 On the contrary to the degree that you have underserved sufferings like Christ, keep on possessing God’s inner happiness with doctrine; so that at the revelation of His glory your happiness in time will be turned into exultation at His appearing.

1PE 4:14 If you are reviled for the person of Christ, happinesses to you, because the Spirit of glory, even of God, refreshes you [filling of God the Holy Spirit].

All suffering in the Christian way of life has been designed for blessing.

1. Inner happiness united with suffering in time results in experiencing Christ like sufferings, which results in greater love for Him because only in this way will His work on your behalf become real to the believer.

2. Happiness in suffering that creates love for Christ in time results in love for Christ’s appearing at the Rapture or death and therefore fear of both is replaced by inner happiness becoming outer joy.

3. Happiness in suffering that creates love for Christ at the Rapture or death is a guarantee of the crown of righteousness for the believer.

4. Doctrine brings suffering and happiness together in the soul.

5. Christ’s sufferings revealed His glory because He always had inner happiness of the soul. Though we do not suffer just like Him we can share in His glory through the same mental attitude.

6. The fact that the world hated Christ did not depress Him but revealed happiness and glory. In the same way the crown of thorns [hatred of man] would become a crown of glory.

7. The believer receives inner happiness through the daily inculcation of doctrine and the filling of the Holy Spirit. He never earns or deserves it.

8. The exception to suffering for blessing is divine discipline – Hebrews 12:6 — or self-induced misery through mental attitude sins.

9. The exception is always removed by rebound — 1 John 1:9. Rebound not only puts you back in the place of fellowship — but any suffering that continues from the initial cause is now suffering for blessing. Rebound changes everything.



Grace Bible Church
Basic Training in Doctrine

Only in the eternal state, after all evil is abolished and judged and only +R of God prevails will there be +R and +J everywhere. So, in time, get used to it.

God has designed your life as a believer so that when these difficulties, pressures and adversities come into your life the purpose is always blessing.

God only has, in the short period that you have on this earth as a believer, this time to demonstrate His grace to you in adversity.

God can only demonstrate His grace to you in suffering in those short periods of time in the short life that you live as a Christian on this earth.

1PE 4:12 Don’t be shocked by the maximum pressure situation that has come upon you, which comes to you for your benefit, to show you whether you have doctrine or not, as though something strange was happening to you.

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