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You cannot have impersonal unconditional agape love for all mankind until you first have personal love for God.

Friday, January 4, 2013

1. First of all, we noted that this type of love is based upon a your heart, soul, strength, and mind.

a. Self-consciousness, Acts 20:10;
 This is where you develop your opinion of yourself.
b. Mentality, PRO 19:2,
The mentality of the soul is divided into two lobes: the left lobe, called the NOUS, meaning mind, thought; and the right lobe, called KARDIA, meaning heart.
c. Volition, Acts 3:23; This is where your heart makes your decisions.
d. Emotion, LUK 12:19. Category two love makes an excellent analogy to the relationship between the heart and emotions.

The heart is like the right man, and the emotions are like the right woman.

JER 11:20. “Jehovah … who tests the emotions in relation to the heart.”

e. Frame of Reference.  The frame of reference retains metabolized doctrine under the principle that doctrine is built upon doctrine.
f. Memory Center. While the frame of reference is the place of retention of Bible doctrine, the memory center is the place for recall of Bible doctrine.
g. Vocabulary Storage.
 The heart is used in the Bible for the place of thinking, the location of your vocabulary and categories of thought.
h. Categorical Doctrinal Storage.
 Categorical storage is the basis for the classification of Bible doctrine.

This is the storage area of any technical concepts or categorical information in any area of life.

i. Conscience. The conscience is the place for the norms and standards that are developed from Bible doctrine.

The word for love here is agapao which refers to a mental attitude love based upon a maximum amount of doctrine resident in your soul.

There has to be something in you that causes you to love God and that something is Bible doctrine.

You cannot have impersonal unconditional agape love for all mankind until you first have personal love for God.

“We have come to know”, = the per-act-ind of ginosko which is eg-no-ka-men meaning to know, to become aware, to perceive, to understand, to be conscious of, to comprehend intellectually. “knowing” that God loves you is a process. It is a process which is generated from facts.

There is no reality in your life until it is reality from thinking or what is in the right lobe of the soul called the heart in the Bible.

Agape is used here in the sense of “virtue love” and “divine love.”

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