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Christianity begins not with the word "do" but with the word "done".

Sunday, November 30, 2008

“In Him” - prepositional phrase en + locative singular - auto =
“in Him” = being in union with Christ and the doctrine of positional truth.

ISA 28:10 For He says, “Precept upon precept, precept upon precept, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.”

Our faith must rest upon and rely upon God’s scriptural testimony as to what He has already done for us “in Christ”.

Learning how to rest in our position in TLJC which has a tremendous influence and impact upon our experiential condition.

Even though the work is “complete in Christ” there is nothing automatic about our experience of it.

When we perceive that God the Father has made us complete “in Christ”, then we are able to have the confidence and assurance to trust in Him as He develops that completeness experientially in our life.

Tradition has to do with man-made religion and man’s erroneous concept of the spiritual life.

Sin is no longer the issue.

We are saved by faith.
We are to live by faith.

You cannot live the adult spiritual life without understanding your union with Christ and your position in Him.

Positional truth therefore is the provision for our Christian life in the new man, whereas the cross is the only provision we have for our self-life or the old man.

Millions of born again people ask themselves, “Am I unconditionally and forever saved or am I on probation?”

“Godly”- adverb eusebos [eusebeia] = living the spiritual life.
Asebeia [opposite of eusebeia] -every time someone sees the word ungodly or ungodliness, they think of sin when in reality many times it refers to not living the spiritual life.

The believer who truly stands in the grace of his position in Christ is the one who truly respects God and realizes that sin hinders his relationship with Him.

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