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The cross throughout Scripture. The centrality of the cross. Ed Collins.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Cross is THE central issue in the Bible

The Greek word for “sanctify” is hagiasate – a word the pagan Greeks used to use to describe the setting apart of a temple to be used only for sacred purposes.

The Greek goes like this: hetoimoi de aei pros apologian, which reads “ready and always for a defense.”

We’ve got to continue to train, workout, and prepare in the off-season.

TLJC paid for all of our salaries on the Cross!

Simplicity here is haplotetos which is the genitive singular of the noun, haplotes, which means: simplicity, sincerity, generosity, purity.

The more we know, the more we know we don’t know

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“Purity” as used here by Paul is the Greek word hagnotetos, which is the genitive singular of hagnotes, which means purity, chastity.

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It’s difficult for us to have faith in anyone we don’t know…TLJC isn’t any different!

Our Model is a Servant

Through kenosis, TLJC emptied Himself of self-interest and veiled His glory when He became human

The word “Servant” is avdi, which is from the Hebrew stem evedh, which is a noun meaning slave or servant.

“Servanthood” is a primary theme throughout the bible.

Makes sense since our perfect prototype was a self-proclaimed “servant”

God, at the Cross, found a way to justify the ungodly and still remain just.

So it is when the Christian discovers the GLORY of the Cross that he first comes to see the Bible in its truest light.

The serpent being lifted up on a pole, NUM 21:9
The prophecy that people would watch Him as He was suffering publicly, PSA 22:7-8
His hands and feet would be pierced, PSA 22:16
Not one of his bones would be broken, PSA 34:29

They would offer Him gall and vinegar to relieve His pain, PSA 69:21
The prophecy that He would be crucified, ISA 53:12
The piercing of His side, ZEC 12:10

The immediate result of the woman and Adam’s rebellion was the fall of mankind, but the final outcome would be a blessing.

** Without freedom of choice, man would not be able to satisfy the desires of God’s heart.

We’ve got to actually learn to hate SELF (our old sin nature), which is Satan’s agent within.

Cain, having negative volition offered not what was of the blood (pointing to the cross) but what was of the ground, which pointed to man’s work.

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