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Cures for anxiety, fear and worry. Part 3.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


To seek after;
To strive after;
To seek in order to find out by thinking, meditating, reasoning, inquiring into.

MAT 13:44 The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.

1 Co 4:5 The Lord will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and disclose the motives of men’s hearts; and then each man’s praise will come to him from God

The hard part for the Christian is having proper motivation leading to positive volition leading to good choices.

You must hear a doctrine hundreds of times. The more you hear a doctrine, the sooner you will apply it.
You haven’t learned a doctrine until you can’t forget it!

You can’t look up the pertinent doctrine in your notebook when you’re being tested. It must already be in you.

MAT 7:13-14 The way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.

Our seeking shows we are surrendering our independence.
It shows we are counting on Him to take care of what we need.

JER 29:13 God has promised in his word, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” PSA 34:10 They who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.

God has control over all things and He will give you what He deems best for you at just the right time

No person can be termed “successful” if he has lived his life without God.
True success is to find one’s place in the body of Christ and to live in it, faithfully handling the task God has given to you

It is our job to serve God. It is His job to supply us.

We are never going to make a difference in this world until the world sees a difference in us.

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