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David illustrates what happens when the Peace of God is not guarding the conscience. Part 4.

Friday, August 10, 2001

A conscience that has been defiled and seared cares only for self.

One of the greatest manifestations that Davids conscience has been defiled and seared was the abuse of his authority.

Turn to 1KI 15:5

What happened after Davids conscience has been defiled and seared was strictly evil.

MAT 1:6And to Jesse was born David the king. And to David was born Solomon by her {who had been the wife} of Uriah;”

David sinned against the Lord in operation “Bathsheba,” but it isnt the adultery that is mentioned, it is the evil related to Uriah the Hittite.

At the time that Uriah was sent for, he was a top battalion commander, and he was brought out of action at a critical time in the battle.

Turn to PRO 28:13-14

David is not in apostasy; David is involved in evil because the conscience that has been defiled and seared can still come hear the word of God.

PRO 5:14I was almost in all evil in the midst of the assembly and congregation.”

You can be positive toward doctrine and still develop a conscience that has been defiled and seared.

JAM 1:22But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.”

As a mature believer, David has developed a conscience that has been defiled and seared, and is using and flattering a soldier who has been very faithful in serving David and the nation of Israel.

Arrogance destroys good people.

His conscience now turned him into an immoral evil lying louse, who ended up as a criminal and a murderer as a believer.

We are to emulate David’s greatness related to doctrine, not David’s sin related to his seared conscience.

“Well if David can do it, I can do it” = “David was great and I am great” = psychopathic arrogance.

If a man after God’s own heart, ACT 13:22, can fall so quickly and so far, surely we are all capable of similar failures.

He rejected his responsibility as the leader of the Israeli army as well as being in the wrong geographical location.

If you reject God’s calling upon your life, and His many invitations, the conscience begins to become less sensitive and hardened toward the plan of God for your life.

JER 48:11Moab has been at ease since his youth; He has also been undisturbed on his lees, Neither has he been emptied from vessel to vessel, Nor has he gone into exile. Therefore he retains his flavor, And his aroma has not changed.”

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