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The difference between reparation and restoration, Num 3. Part 3.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grace Bible Church
Robert R. McLaughlin
November 14, 2012

The point is that God’s various
expressions of power were in action
everywhere; with God Himself behind
it all.

Each of the gates speak of different
experiences in our Christian life that
we need to come into.

Their order and position is very
specific and give us insight into the
journey that God takes each of His
children on.

The very first gate mentioned is the
sheep gate.
It was called the sheep gate because
this was the gate which the sheep and
lambs used in the sacrifice were
bought through.

There s no great reward for knowing
this as it speaks of the very first
experience we come into in our
Christian life, that is, a realization
that Jesus was the Lamb of God that
takes away the sins of the world; Joh

It is the starting point of everything
but you will also notice if you read
the entire chapter that
the sheep gate is also mentioned at
the very end of the chapter
once we have come full circle.
That is because everything starts
out with the birth of our Lord leading
up to the cross and ends with Jesus’
death on the cross.

Next we had the Fish Gate
(verse 3)
It was called the fish gate because
the fisherman of Galilee would bring
their catch in through this gate to be

It is a natural progression in our
Christian life that after seeing that
Jesus died for our sins, we would
want to tell others about it with the

We now continue with the Old Gate
(in verse 6). The Old gate was next
and this speaks to us of the old ways
of truth.

PRO 22:28 Remove not the ancient
landmark, which thy fathers have set.

A young Christian having
experienced the sheep gate; then the
fish gate;soon sees the need for
experiencing the old gate.

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