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The difference between reparation and restoration, Num 3. Part 4.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A young Christian having
experienced the sheep gate; then the
fish gate;soon sees the need for
experiencing the old gate.

Clearing away the rubbish in our
lives is never easy but the benefits of this
experience can be seen in the next

Restoration is what God does for
man were as reparation is what man
does for man.

Harm to others is the feature which
requires that reparation had to be

ka-ko-pa-qew. Paqew means to
kako means evil, but it comes to
endure afflictions .
It means to suffer

God wants to show the supergrace
believer how He can bless him in the
greatest pressures of life.

The reversionist express himself
verbally by criticism, slander,
maligning, gossip, operation strap-on,
operation over-think.

When you get to supergrace you will
have periods of adversity and you will
have the opportunity of expressing
your happiness in adversity through

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