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Robert R. McLaughlin
Friday, March 24, 2017 

Two chapters are going to explain why some believers turn up their nose and say that doctrine doesn't work.....or there's more to Christianity than doctrine.  

This is dedicated to the movement that some call "the beyond doctrine movement."  
The background to this is important because first of all, Moses didn't do this on his own, it wasn't his idea.
A reconnaissance is a military survey of enemy territory. It is a preliminary survey to gain information. It is a French word which means "to recognize."  
Promise after promise, whenever the Lord mentions Canaan, He always reminds them of the fact that He "has given it" to them.  

By birth they were in the position of aristocracy and leadership.  

These men were born aristocracy by birth and they were geared up for positions of leadership.  

Just like by spiritual birth we are all given E-P and E-O but that doesn't mean automatic success.  
10 of them are going to die miserably....not on the patrol, but later on.  

Two of them are going to be two of the greatest leaders in the next generation.  

Basically in the word of God names were given in the teachings that were equivalent to the meanings of the individuals that were named.  

The children of Israel are a type of the believer's soul.  
Many times the names given, give us some insight into the character of the individual or the story behind the individual.  

Eve was called Eve because her name means the mother of all living.  

Isaac was called Isaac because his name means laughter and that is what Sarah did when she found out that the
Lord said she would have a baby at age 90.  

Shammua is mentioned first because his father Reuben was the first born of Jacob who became Israel and Israel means a prince of God while Jacob means chiseler or liar and deceiver.  

All we know about Shammua is that he was the number 1 prince of the number 1 tribe and we are never going to hear from him again.  
Reuben was born an aristocrat, but being an aristocrat does not make you a winner in the Christian way of life.  
Shammua means to listen or to hear, perhaps that's all that he ever did ---- just listened and heard.  

Simeon was the second born son of Jacob and Shaphat the son of Hori was another one who had equal privilege and equal opportunity but we are also never going to hear from him again.  

Shaphat means "he has judged", perhaps that was one of the problems that made him a loser believer.  

Caleb's name means dog and perhaps that was his attitude of humility toward TLJC since the word for worship is used as a dog approaching its master.

Issachar was a very strong man but being strong does not make you a winner in the Christian way of life.  
Igal - his name means "he redeems" or "he is magnificent," perhaps he thought more highly of himself than what he should have.  

The Benjamites were always the greatest soldiers in the Jewish army.  

Palti means to escape, perhaps he was a coward and lived in fear.  

Gaddiel means El or "God is my fortune," perhaps he was a believer to see what he could get from God.    

Gaddi means "my fortune."  
Joseph was great but that doesn't mean that his progeny was great.  

Ammiel means "people of God," perhaps he was a people pleaser or one into fellowship but not doctrine.  

Sethur was a good business man but being a good business man does not make you a winner in the Christian way of life.  

Sethur means to hide, to conceal - perhaps he was a hypocrite.  

Nahbi means to withdraw or to hide.  

Geuel means "majesty of el" and it is taken from a word which means to rise up or to exalt.  
10 of them were losers. 2 of them were winners.  

The 10 spies and perhaps a little shrewdness concerning their character.  

Shammua = to listen, to hear Shaphat = he has judged Igal - = he is magnificent  

Shammua probably represents the type of believer who is not careful what they hear or how they hear, Mar 4:24; Luk 8:18.  

Shaphat - the worst sin anyone could ever commit, with the exception of unbelief in the unbeliever, is the sin of judging.  

Next we have Igal with the attitude that he is magnificent.  

Palti - to escape Gaddiel - god is my fortune Gaddi - "my fortune"  

Ammiel - "people of God" Sethur - to hide, to conceal Nahbi - to withdraw Geuel - to rise up or to exalt  

Hoshea means deliverance. Joshua means the Lord delivers. He changed his name from Hoshea to Joshua because the
Lord will deliver through Joshua.  

The mountains were occupied at this time by Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, very strong tribes and very tough people.  

There is a time for offensive action and then there's a time for defensive action.  

The principle of offensive is the only action by which a decision is gained in military life.  

Offensive action is the only way to reach spiritual adulthood and spiritual maturity.  

Offensive action brings victory, while defensive action can only avoid defeat.  

The only effective way to wage war is to act on the offensive, destroying the enemy's forces.  

The offensive increases the effectiveness of the force adopting it, raises morale, permits concentration of effort, and allows freedom of action to begin.  

The effectiveness of your spiritual life, Raises your morale, permits concentration of effort; allows you the freedom of action to advance to spiritual maturity.  

Defensive action should be used to assist offensive action elsewhere, to gain time, to utilize good terrain, or to compensate for weakness.  

Defensive action has an analogy in our spiritual lives, because we can never get away from rebound and recovery and the faith‑rest drill, a part of defensive action.  

Offensive action should be used when there's any reasonable chance for success. There's always a reasonable chance for success as long as you are alive!  

The believer takes the offensive only with aggressive thinking of metabolized doctrine in his soul.  

The offensive begins from the base of spiritual self‑esteem, and combined with the different stages of suffering for blessing, the believer advances to spiritual maturity.

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