The word for appetite is nephesh which also means soul, and this is a perfect description of these negative individuals....there is soul is gone or dried up.


Isn't it something how the Lord puts us in certain situations where there is nothing to look at except manna.....or the spiritual food He has provided for us from heaven (BD).


Coriander is white and shaped like pearls.

Bdellium is a gum resin which was transparent white.


This was again the same thing that we have been noting all along; God did not discipline the Jews, they did it to themselves.


The quail was stacked 36" deep on the surface of the ground....about a yard high and over 40 miles.


While they were gathering quail I want you to note that the white stuff, the mannu or manna came down every day while they were gathering the quail.


God  continued to be faithful while they were faithless and rebellious.


We have two kinds of people; people just pushing aside the manna, and people eating it.


They really went all out with the lust of their flesh while ignoring God's gracious provision.


They thought that they were good enough or righteous enough to fulfill God's will on their own and with their own power.


We have the Rejection of God's provision (Num 11:4-35).



They became dissatisfied with their diet, and were ready to trade their freedom for the meat and vegetables they had lived on in Egypt.


In verse 12, God responded to Moses' need by distributing his leadership responsibility and gift to 70 of the elders.


God provided meat by bringing a great flock of quail (perhaps like the giant flocks of carrier pigeons which in the early days of our continent darkened the sky for days).



When the people began to eat, a great plague struck the camp. Thousands and thousands of the murmurer died (vv. 33-34).


Kibroth-hattaavah literally means the graves of the lustful or the greedy.


Point 1. Definition and Description. Lust is the overwhelming desire for something; a passionate desire; an illicit, uncontrolled, overwhelming desire which originates from the old sin nature and gains the cooperation of your volition.


The categories of the sin nature include:

  1. The area of weakness - the source of all temptation and sin.
  2. The area of strength - the source of all human good and dead works.


  1.   Power lust.
  2. Approbation lust.
  3. Social lust.
  4. Sexual lust.
  5. Chemical lust.



  1. Monetary lust.
  2. Inordinate ambition resulting in inordinate competition.
  3. Crusader lust, believer activism.
  4. Lust for revenge.
  5. Criminal lust.
  6. Pleasure lust.


Anyone of these types of lust destroys the motivation of the believer to execute the PPOG.



Lust divorces the believer from reality, causing unrealistic expectation.


Lust destroys spiritual self-esteem and replaces it with inordinate desire related to self-gratification.


Two categories of lust:  unfulfilled lust; fulfilled lust.


Unfulfilled lust causes direct frustration and intensifies the desire or desires involved.


Fulfilled lust does not bring the anticipated happiness, and therefore, operation boomerang, the third stage of reversionism, occurs.


The thrill of the catch is the chase.


When you get to where you're going, where are you going to be?


Fulfilled lust increases the function of Christian degeneracy.


Happiness and contentment do not originate from the fulfillment of the lust pattern of the sin nature.


Once the believer possesses spiritual self-esteem, a personal sense of destiny, and occupation with Christ, his relationship with people is one of great happiness.


Lust destroys the modus operandi of the Christian way of life.


Jam 4:3, This was Font/Pitch 2,12 - On."You ask and receive not, because you ask for yourselves with wrong motives that you may squander it on pleasure lusts."This was Font/Pitch 2,12 - Off.Note:  The change to pitch (12) and font (1) must be converted manually.


Lust destroys the believer's motivation to glorify God and replaces it with self-promotion motivation.


Lust causes the believer to become dishonest with himself, and then, dishonest with others.


Lust divorces the believer from reality so that every mechanic of the Christian way of life is distorted.


Lust can only be overcome through spiritual momentum, spiritual growth, the advance to spiritual adulthood through post-salvation epistemological rehabilitation.



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