Moses Was A Type Of Christ.

  1. Both Were Born At A Time When Israel Was Under Foreign Domination: Moses – Egyptian Bondage & Jesus – Roman Bondage.


  1. Both Had Rulers That Tried To Kill Them Shortly After Their Births; EXO 1:15-22. MAT 2:16-18.
  2. Both Spent Time In The Wilderness Before Taking On Their Callings Exo 3; MAT 4:1-11.


  1. Both Dealt With Wicked Kings (Pharaoh – EXO 5-12; Herod In LUK 13:31-32.


  1. Both Dealt With Folks Who Hardened Their Hearts; Exo 8:15; Mar 6:45-52.


  1. Both Dealt With Lepers; Num 12:10-25; Mat 8:1-4.



  1. Both Had The World Offered To Them; Heb 11:24-27; Mat 4:8-9.
  2. Both Were Shepherds; Exo 3:1; Joh 10:11.


  1. Both Fasted For 40 Days; Exo 34:28; Luk 4:2.


  1. Both Climbed Mountains (Exo 34; Mat 5:1.

The Exodus was the work of God not the work of Moses.


While God is blessing the Jews with freedom, the Jews are freaking out and cursing Moses in their fear and their panic and their arrogance.


There are times when blessings from God come in the form of the disguise of disaster to the believer.


A lust for security!

A security they could see.

They wanted the pot's of flesh burning in front of their tents, and all the bread they could eat.


He traded his freedom for security and ended up with hardness of the heart toward the gospel whereas the Jews will end up with hardness of the heard the teaching of doctrine.


TLJC led them to a place where they had no resources with which they could cope-----except to trust in Him for the divine solution to their problem.


Note once again that in their statement, fear and panic produce irrationality.


That's the whole point of Eph 6:15 when it says "Let us pick up and carry the shield of faith."


If you do not have spiritual strength you will not be able to have the power to handle a disastrous situation.


God had promised the Jews through Moses that they would worship Him in Mt Horeb; Exo 3:12.


Plus TLJC in the pillar of cloud had led them to this very spot, and therefore they were in the will of God.


TLJC led them to this spot, why?

They had to be tested!


God does not want you to be His slave, He wants you to have freedom.


You are free to make Bible doctrine number one priority.


Where is your security?

Is it in the details of life?

Is it people?

Is it related to the things of this life?


The Lord wants you to have freedom, and freedom comes from Bible doctrine, Joh 8:32; 2Co 3:17.


Rom 8:31-32 What shall we say then, if God be for us who shall be against us? He that spared not His own son but delivered Him up for all of us, how shall He not with Him freely give us all things?


The issue is freedom not security.


Gal 5:1 Stand fast in the freedom in which Christ has made you free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of slavery.


Your soul is the battleground for the angelic conflict and your soul must have Bible doctrine resident within it.


  1. First of all Moses became a man of doctrine before he became a man of destiny.


This falls under the principle that spiritual skills must precede production skills.


He never stopped learning Bible doctrine because his destiny demanded that as a leader, as a man of thought and action , doctrine had to be first in his life.


In Psa 103:7 notice that we read that God made known His ways unto Moses.


  1. The service of Moses was actually two-fold, first under his spiritual gift of prophecy he communicated Bible doctrine verbally to the people.


Secondly, in writing as illustrated by the first five books of the Bible.


  1. He was the greatest leader in history as well.


The combination of Bible doctrine in his heart and the spiritual strength to put it all into action made Moses a one man pivot.


  1. Moses never stopped learning Bible doctrine for his calling demanded that as a man of thought and action he must always be prepared spiritually to be the leader and the father of the first Jewish client nation to God.


In the first 40 years of his life Moses had Bible doctrine.


Moses had Bible doctrine in the second 40 years of his life even though he did not even use his genius when he assumed command of the flocks of his father in law of Jethro.


Moses also had Bible doctrine in the third stage of his life when he utilized the grace and the power of God to communicate verbally and in writing this doctrine to all Israel.


So great was the power of Bible doctrine in his soul that even in dying grace Moses was magnificent.


In Deu 34:7 it says that Although Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eyes were not dim nor was his strength gone.


His strength refers to;

His spiritual strength;

His mental genius;

His physical strength;

His sexual strength.


  1. Both were born at a time when Israel was under foreign domination (Moses – Egyptian bondage & Jesus – Roman bondage).


  1. Both had rulers that tried to kill them shortly after their births; Moses did in Exo 1:15-22. Mat 2:16-18.
  2. Both spent time in the wilderness before taking on their callings (Exo 3; Mat 4:1-11.


  1. Both dealt with wicked kings (Pharaoh – Exo 5-12; Herod in Luk 13:31-32.


  1. Both dealt with folks who hardened their hearts; Exo 8:15; Mar 6:45-52.


  1. Both dealt with lepers; Num 12:10-25; Mat 8:1-4.



  1. Both had the world offered to them; Heb 11:24-27; Mat 4:8-9.
  2. Both were shepherds; Exo 3:1; Joh 10:11.


  1. Both fasted for 40 days; Exo 34:28; Luk 4:2.


  1. Both climbed mountains (Exo 34; Mat 5:1.



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