Emotion is irrational and can't think in terms of doctrine at all. All they can do is think in terms of accusation.


God delivered them, and then He tested them, and then they failed, and then God delivered them; etc.


They were lovers of security rather than lovers of God....why?

Because they had the slave mentality as taught in Peter and Paul's epistles.


Prin - If you put your personal security above everything else in life, you have a slave mentality.


While they were traveling the Jews owned no land and had no means of growing their own food. Therefore in grace, God   provided for them and for the  client nation.


The Jews did not call this bread but manhu...manhu...manhu

What is it? What is it? They finally called it manna.

Manna was logistical grace provision from God.


Manna was a challenge to the daily function of the faith-rest drill for God   had specified definite requirements which are equivalent to a challenge of positive volition toward the word of God.


The Lord not only gave them the manna, but he also gave them instructions to follow concerning the manna.


We have the importance of following the Lord's directions....or doing a right thing in a right way.


The PPOG is a strict system of procedure based upon the accurate teaching of the Word of God. It is based upon the very simple statement that a right thing must be done in a right way!


With the introduction of human power and energy of the flesh function, sloppiness occurs.


In His grace, God   has developed a system which is totally impossible for human power to live in. In fact, it frustrates human power constantly.


Sloppy procedure is always related to emotion, to human works, and to human activity, and is always a manifestation of arrogance.


The PPOG is based upon the fact that God   has only one way of doing a thing:  the right way.


Prin - The believer who flunks the procedure test ends up functioning  in Satan's cosmic system.


Learning God's procedures is especially hindered by the two great enemies of the Christian: Ignorance and Arrogance.


Eph 5:15   Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise. 



As far as the manna was concerned, first of all you had to learn and get to know the doctrine, and then you had to believe it.


Once you believe it, then you have the availability of the faith-rest life where upon you wait and rest for the manna from heaven to be dropped down from heaven.


You have to have the knowledge of the mechanics of the PSD and then you must have integrity or the spiritual strength to do it.


It's like a soldier, he must have physical strength to be prepared, but then he must have the integrity to fight when needed.



Manna was a challenge to the professionalism of the spiritual life which was in the case for the Jews -- the faith-rest drill.


The consistent daily function of the faith-rest drill is the highest possible lifestyle that you could have in the Old Testament.


We look back at what He did and how He did it whereas the Old Testament believers could only look forward to the fact that He would come and have faith that He would!


God   provided every day the perfect food.

Every day, except one, food was provided.


Food was provided from Sunday to Friday , every morning food was provided for the rebellious children of Israel.


They had to gather every day, just enough for one day only.


On Friday morning, they gathered a double portion because Saturday was the Sabbath and the Jews were to do no work on Saturday which was the Sabbath.


God   had a system, and you had to know the system.


You couldn't gather a double portion whenever you wanted to because if you did it bred or produced worms.


Following the correct procedure and doing things God's way is one of the greatest manifestations of a believer's love, respect and worship toward God.


A right thing must be done in a right way.


God   expecting His people to fulfill that plan under what I like to call the PPOG or the predesigned plan of God.


Predestination is the provision of the sovereignty of God   for you in eternity past to execute God's plan, purpose, and will for your life.



If God   is going to deposit fantastic blessings in your escrow account and then He wills them for you, then He must provide a way for you to fulfill the conditions for receiving those blessings.


He provided it all in eternity past; Eph 1:3-4.


He blessed us -- then chose us --- then provided for us a plan that we should walk in.


Under predestination, God   provided everything you need to execute His plan, the PPOG, the only game plan for the Church-age.


Predestination is God's grace provision for each one of us to fulfill His plan and to receive the conveyance of our fantastic escrow blessings.


Your equal privilege of predestination is being made Royal Family by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Who placed you in union with Christ at salvation = positional sanctification.


Being in union with Christ means we share all that Christ is and all that Christ has.


Equal privilege means that we share Christ's heirship, being made heirs of God.


Your equal opportunity in predestination is your very own plan, designed perfectly just for you and prefabricated for you in eternity past.


Predestination is the work of God   the Father in eternity past on behalf of every Church-age believer to execute God's plan, purpose, and will for his life.


What we call in time the PPOG is from the divine viewpoint of eternity past, called predestination.


  1. Predestination means that there is a plan perfectly designed for you, Eph 1:11 "Having been predestined for a predetermined plan."



Eph 1:11  Also we have obtained an inheritance, having been "predestined" according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,


  1. Predestination means the possession of your very own personalized and individual plan, Rom 8:29,  "He also predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son."


  1. Predestination means royalty. The believer is Royal Family of God, Eph 1:5, "He has predestined us for the purpose of adoption to Himself."


God   the Father prefabricated the PPOG as the Christian way of life, not human beings and their legalistic standards.


The Jews had to do the same thing but there plan was based upon visual aids such as sacrificing of animals and the furniture in the tabernacle and the Temple or what we call the shadows.



Whether it's the ritual plan of God   or the PPOG it is still based upon the very simple statement that a right thing must be done in a right way.


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